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    When do you think F1 2014 will be released?

    I said November.
  2. ukfan758

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    F1 Championship Edition 2006. That was the best F1 game of all time. It was realistic unlike the rushed codemasters games. It had testing, tv mode, formation laps, podium ceremonies, good damage engine/was sensitive,  full flag system (didn't have safety car though), realistic tv style cameras.  2. F1 97 3. F1 2000 4. F1 2010 5. F1 2013
  3. ukfan758

    F1 2014 - News "Soon"

    Apparently, Codemaster's definition of "soon" means several months. Why can't they even tell us what month they will release information or the month of release? It's as if all of this information has to be kept secret like it's national security, IT'S JUST A GAME, tell us already!
  4. ukfan758

    [IDEA] New damage engine for 2014

    If more realistic damage isn't possible, then at least make the cars easily prone to damage and have more realistic collisions (going airborne after colliding with wheels or flipping) F1 Championship edition 2006 has very sensitive cars (rear wing comes off after barely hitting a barrier, tires fall off easily, front wing breaks easily, etc.). Codemasters should look how they made not just their damage system but the entire game (the best f1 game for that console generation in my opinion). Also, does codemasters know that F1 has something called "wheel tethers"?
  5. ukfan758

    Garage Slots

    I think you should be able to have as many cars as you want and not have to pay game credits just to be able to have another car slot. Make it like GT6 with no restrictions. 
  6. ukfan758

    GRID AUTOSPORT REVIEW // Vote in your score!

    It is a good game, but it could be better. I would give it a 95 or even a 100 if it had more of the Grid 1 cars and tracks (like the little formula car (Formula J?), GT2, GT1, LMP2, LMP1 Le Mans cars and Detroit street, Le Mans, Milan circuit, etc. ), time trial mode, text chat, bigger grids (24 should be possible as there were 24 car grids in F1 2010-2012 and 22 in F1 2013), pit stops, ability to create a team for career mode and hire a teammate like in Grid 1, and fully detailed interiors (not blurred).  Other than that, it's a fantastic simcade game!
  7. ukfan758

    Corruption Tuesday?

    I know they do all I said was I think they'd have probsably been sent around the same time as the PC ones but the main reason you're still waiting is because of Sony and Microsoft. It's good to see that they are fixing this, to make it quicker, Sony and Microsoft should get rid of the approval process for updates...
  8. ukfan758

    If you were in charge of F1...

    I'm just saying that it's standard in most racing series. It's not seen as an artificial overtaking mechanism.
  9. ukfan758

    Feedback of AI in Grid Autosport

    I hate how the AI have absolutely no awareness that you are there in a corner. If you dive to the inside of the corner, the AI ram into you and carry on while you spin out. If you go along the outside of a corner, at the end/past the apex they will go straight up the track and punt you off. At the ovals they do the same thing but in those cases, you crash into a wall. It's as if they can only follow one rail line and do not have any second rail lines to go onto when you are passing them. 
  10. ukfan758

    If you were in charge of F1...

    Because nearly all forms of motorsport have refueling and its not an artificial overtaking mechanism. 
  11. ukfan758

    If you were in charge of F1...

    I will try again for my improvements, this as my improvements, I thought long and hard about them so here they are: To keep the costs down, have a cost cap.Allow innovations to make F1 look attractive and interesting (sort of like Le Mans is doing)  Make the entrance fees for F1 lower so that more teams will want to join. Make the calendar 18 races, with a week separating each grand prix. Thus the off season being 16 weeks or about 3 months. This would prevent the teams from begin exhausted from traveling every week. The only disadvantage is that the off season might be shorter and the summer break would be removed. Reverse the one second rule of DRS, you must be at least 1 second or more behind the car of the next position. Drivers must naturally overtake instead of DRS helping them. DRS will be used instead to allow drivers to catch up and it will make the racing closer. Get rid of the standing start restarts, these could be potentially expensive if a crash occurs or if a clutch or whatever it's called fails/breaks. Scrap the gimmicky Pirelli tires and use tires that only have to be changed once in the race and are durable. There would only be standard dry tires (none of this super soft, soft, medium, hard compound gimmicks), intermediate rain tires, and wet tires. Less tires being used would help save costs. Get rid of the double points for the season finale. Even further limit the amount of parts that can be used (like 5 engines a season)To make the cars more powerful and faster, remove the fuel flow limit but make the tank smaller. Cars could refuel (its safe for 2014, many series do it without problems like NASCAR, V8 Supercars, Le Mans, IndyCar). This would cost more however.Calendar: The season would be divided into regions: Asia/Oceania: 1. Australia, Albert Park2. Malaysia, Sepang3. Japan, Suzuka Circuit & Fuji (would switch off every other year) North and South America and 1 Europe race: 4. Canada, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve5. USA, Circuit of the Americas, Long Beach Street Circuit, & Port Imperial Street Circuit (would switch every year)6. Monaco7. Mexico, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez8. Brazil, Interlagos Middle East: 9. Bahrain, Bahrain International Circuit10. UAE, Yas Marina Circuit Europe: 11. Spain, Circuit de Catalunya12. Austria, Red Bull Ring 13. Germany, Hockingheimring14. Hungary, Hungaroring15. Belgium, Spa Francochamps16. Italy, Monza17. Russia, Sochi Olympic Park Circuit18. England, Silverstone
  12. ukfan758

    If you were in charge of F1...

    Dear, @Chadwick8505 and @mike96 and everyone else on this forum,  I'm sorry for being an arrogant, ignorant pri*k and worthless piece of s*** on this forum that went on a rant. I offer my upmost apologies to everyone on this forum. I am sorry that I am not confident in my ideas and have no justification for them and instead went on a rant. The v1 was not good and I also apologize for making fun of you about your ideas and being a hypocrite. I am sorry for everything. Will you please accept my apology? PS. I am a neanderthal! LONG LIVE NEANDERTHALS!!!! :P
  13. ukfan758

    If you were in charge of F1...

    Just go to the lab! (which lab?  :-?? ) What ? ukfan told you to go to the lab. No, I was telling my self to go to the lab. 
  14. ukfan758

    If you were in charge of F1...

    Please delete this post. 
  15. ukfan758

    If you were in charge of F1...

    Please delete this post. 
  16. ukfan758

    If you were in charge of F1...

    Deleted because people didn't like my post. 
  17. ukfan758

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    I don't know if this is considered a bug but the Indianapolis oval was not scanned/made properly. There are no angled tire barriers along the corners in real life and the SAFER barrier is missing in the turns.
  18. ukfan758

    Autosport's too hard

    To me it's pretty easy. I'm playing on medium right now with a controller. The only challenge to me is touring cars, that is it.
  19. ukfan758

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    My wish list:All three practice sessionsReal time weather optionSuper sensitive damage mode option (wing comes off easier)Accurate sponsor boards  and backgrounds (tobacco, alcohol, and casino/gambling are exceptions)Early 2000s classic cars F1 TV mode just like F1 Championship Edition 2006 (you could make a custom race, set the laps, weather, starting grid order, commentary, etc. It is just like watching the race on TV)Accurate replay camera angles (just like on TV)FOM  TV graphics optionImproved safety car (comes out anytime there is lots of debris, retirement (cars far in runoff areas are an exception), will be out longer the bigger the crashRed flags or safety car for super heavy rainSuper heavy rain option (makes track super difficult to drive on even on wets and will have red flag or safety car deployed)Lap from pits to grid before the raceFormation lapCool down lap after race finishesGrid ceremony (national anthems play, trophies, etc)Interviews in press room after race and qualifying (if finished or qualified in top 3), interviews in paddock after practice and if finished or qualified out of top 3.Ability to drive to your grid after a red flagCars don't disappear after a crash, martial crew and cranes pick up cars and debris off the track (these cannot be hit)Remove the auto braking in runoff areas (it is extremely annoying when your car has super power brakes which destroy your tires the second you accidentally go off track, completely unnecessary. Ghosting if going too slow is removed in offline races and has an option in online races Cars don't magically ghost through crashesMore classic tracks and the classic versions of them (60s Monza, classic spa, classic hockingheimring, etc.)Remove the auto pilot if you go off track or go to slow when the safety car is out, you have complete control of the car and the game does not spawn you back on track. 22 player online races. GP2 and GP3 racing series (the EA NASCAR games did this with the 2 series below the sprint cup series) It would not even have to have the official teams and drivers, just fake teams, drivers. All that would be needed is a chassis. Be able to watch video feed of race if you retired, watch practice and qualifying session if you are in the garage.Ability to turn all penalties offAbility to completely drive your car in the pit laneSpeeding penalties and unsafe releasesFull flag system, see this: http://www.formula1.com/inside_f1/understanding_f1_racing/5282.htmlAbility to turn tire wear and fuel offUnlimited career mode seasonsCreate a custom team for the GP3 series season after you are done racing (you could still have the option of driving one of the cars or you could watch the races like TV, manage finances on development, upgrade your pit crew, etc.) You could then move up to GP2 and then F1 after a few seasons. Ability to watch replays from other carsAbility to save race replays onto system and upload them to youtube. 
  20. ukfan758

    Rank your top 5 disciplines .

    1. Open Wheel2. Touring Cars3. Endurance4. Street5. Tuner
  21. Not everyone can afford buying a $1000 gaming computer you know...
  22. ukfan758

    Mercedes Whitewash ?

    I said no because the season just began. The cars are brand new and the teams are just now getting to see how they perform during the race. By the middle or end of the year, many of the teams I think will be equal with Mercedes. RedBull especially. 
  23. ukfan758

    What do you drive?

    2008 Volvo S60 (United States Version)I hope to get this years Volvo S60 or a BMW or Mercedes.