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  1. I definitly want some commentary, like in fifa. if ther is a crash somewhere on the circuit, the commentator will say that someone crashed out (also who) and the you also know that there is a crash, who, and what next. the commentator will also give reactions on passes. And when your Engineer is talking to you, the commentator will not say anything.  i often have the feeling that i;m alone on the track becaus i only heer the sounds of the engine and sometimes my engineer. this makes me bored and i ask myself why i'm playing this game. PLEASE CODEMASTERS FIX THIS!!!
  2. here are some ideas which i like to see in the 2015 game; 1. paddock menu like in the 2010 game. 2. interviews after the race. 3. reputation: not only you but also as a team. 4. 2000's classic cars (schumachers ferrari, Alonsos renault?) 5. improvements ai: they dont dare any pass or defense (i can pass 3 cars in a corner, come onnn!!!) 6. more realistic crashes 7. beginning with a little team in career mode. 8 helemt designer; design your own helmet. 9. more contact with you engineer 10. i really want to have more 'teamwork' with my teammate. cummunication,  rules under each other, (tea
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