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  1. We already have a thread for this.
  2. I'd have to agree with this. Overall it's great, and I'd rather Codemasters spend their time perfecting 2014, than using valuable man hours on 2013.
  3. "You **** Ram someone on the first lap of an online race." This is not a good or well thought out idea. This would simply add to the already bad lot of online drivers as it is.
  4. Haven't done it at all. Never could find anyone willing to dedicate that much time, even over a few play sessions.
  5. I've got an inside source that tells me each race will start with 5 lights that light up in succession and all go out to signal the start.
  6. I've gone entirely digital since the release of the Xbox One, and will continue to do so.
  7. My starter wheel was the Microsoft FF wheel. Loved every second of it, and I nabbed a near mint condition one for $40 because the gent was moving and just didn't want it anymore. I clamped it to my rig and secured the pedals to the floor board. Worked great for F1 2013 and spend countless hours on it. Best bang for your buck starter wheel for sure!
  8. I never have any issues online, in any game.
  9. Yeah its great the forums are back, but so are the morons who insist on creating their own threads of one's that already exist. Ugh.
  10. Lotus for me as well. Sitting in 4th place half way through my latest season.
  11. I'd prefer if they wait until the end of the season as usual and spend that extra time polishing and getting it right.
  12. It's a small thing, but I'd really love to see a camera angle included that's on the side of the air intake, just like Senna's famous lap video of Monaco. Additionally, being able to view on either right or left side.
  13. I wish I was a moderator lol. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/82/f1-2014-game-ideas-thread/p1
  14. There's a thread for game ideas in 2014 already. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/82/f1-2014-game-ideas-thread/p1
  15. +1,000,000. Fully agree. 2013 was released at the end of the 360's life cycle, and it doesn't make any sense to have 2014 available on last gen consoles. If those people want to continue on their 360's and PS3's, then they can just play 2013. There is no intention of making this point to cause an uproar; it's just some of us firmly believe that we should not be penalized with our new consoles just to cater to those who can't or won't upgrade to next gen.
  16. I also have just a couple things off the top of my head that I'd like to see in 2014 in terms of immersion. That's always been the biggest selling point for me for any game. I want to be immersed. I want to feel like I can get away for a few hours from my real life, and be in a different world. Firstly, as I'm sure a lot of people have talked about, is updating the race engineer. I understand there were thousands of lines of dialog and reusing them was much more time efficient, however, I'd love to see a new engineers voice with all new dialog. But more importantly, it would be great if he h
  17. Can't we just have one thread for videos instead of eventually having to sift through countless "Look at my video" threads?
  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you for confirming F1 2014!!! I am so unbelievably pumped for it, and to play it using my racing rig and TX wheel with my Ferrari F1 rim. I had already purchased 2013 for the 360, but when I got my TX wheel, I bought it again for my PC just so I could use the new wheel with it. The old MS wheel and the TX are like night and day. Playing F1 with the TX is just something to behold. I just can't wait to see what it'll be like to drive with the new regulations and power units! Thanks again guys for confirming what we so desperately wanted to hear!
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