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    Obioneknoby here could somebody at Codemasters please tell me how to reinstate my game and stats as I now have Save Data Corrupted. Why oh why after all the shinannigones of Grid 2 am I here having to whinge on that I cannot play my GA, its like adding insult to injury after having to spend six weeks with no game play continuity due to the freezing issues. Somebody should be ashamed at code masters for this non existent support and service offered to your loyal racing base. Frustration does not even begin to sum up the situation and I feel totally ripped off by code masters. Watchdog are featuring a similar situation of no playability with another game next week. I'll be forwarding details of GA failures to them today. Simply put if you want a burger you go to maccy D's if you don't want to race and play you buy code master games. looking forward to a solution from code masters but something tells me not to hold my breath. Obi


    DBR Obinoneknoby here, playing along yesterday whilst already frustrated at the number of times my Autosport was freezing in some instances I couldn't even turn the Xbox off from the power button aafter attempting to do so up to 10 times on one occasion. Approx 18.00 hours on Wednesday 26th November my game froze AGAIN but upon reboot know a message stating SAVE DATA CORRUPT. How do I overcome this situation as it's an absolute disgrace and is insulting to my intelligence. After all the problems with Grid 2 I should have known better after having my statsnwiped four times on that game. I bought Autosport as a download and simply wish I had not done so. I have been an avid Code master stallwart for many years since Early Colin Macrae Days and do not play any other game now than Auto Sport but this latest situation has "LEFT Me FEELING TOTALLY RIPPED OFF". Answersplease codemasters¿????????¿???????¿????????¿?????. You have sold me something that doesn't work I'm paying for x box live for one game and unless I get some assistance and a solution I'll not be renewing it or Purchasing a Codemaster game ever again.Your levels of support should leave you feeling ashamed and your marketing people should review the way they promote and sell future products with a warning that this game may raise your blood pressure, will test your sanity and down right pxxxxx you off . The next email goes to Watchdog and trading standards.