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  1. I think a lot of you here should start up a kickstarter page, asking to raise funds for the Formula 1 license and a game development studio. You have all the ideas!
  2. I really feel like im in the minority here of people who use their brain before typing anything.
  3. Seriously, whats the difference between a career mode and season mode? The career mode is just season mode with a few seasons back to back. 
  4. By far the worst change they've made. You could simply run season mode if you wanted before. Now people who like Career mode have no choice.  It's pretty selfish of you to be glad that a decent portion of the player base just got screwed, because it caters to your short attention span. Nothing stopping people who like career mode from playing the season mode again and again and again. When you start a new season you can just pick a new driver and pretend you signed up for them. Blame Formula 1 management for hamstringing the possibilities of a career mode with driver transfers and w
  5. I actually really like the fact career mode this time is one season long. I never could be bothered doing more than 2 seasons with the last games, its just a chore. And to power through those 5, 6, 7 year career modes the races have to be shorter, and thats not fun. One season, no assists, HUD etc, cockpit cam...this is F1. Granted license issues are what really stops driver transfers and the like, so why not make the best with what you have.
  6. Hey mate I participate in a Aussie F1 league which currently races on PS3 and F1 2014, we are in our 2nd season of the game and will be finishing up the season in time for the new game on PS4. We race weekly on Thursday nights at 8pm (eastern time).  The F1OWC exists in a virtual F1 paddock on Facebook with interviews, media posts as well as score sheets and other stats. We are currently looking for members to fill up the grid for the 2015 game, so far we have 10 people lined up, 7 of those racing in the current season. Message me or reply here if your interested, and check us out 
  7. Hello to all. Interested in joining a F1 online Racing league? The Formula One Online World Championship is an Australian based F1 League which is run weekly. The F1OWC comes with a detailed tailored Driver Profile which contains stats, like wins, podiums, pole position counts and a trophy cabinet to display and show off your Grand Prix Victories. The F1OWC lives in breaths in a virtual paddock, self run & Managed by the Formula One League Australia Facebook group, includes media posts, interviews, paddock discussions, time sheets and FIA Reviews and reports, Feel the Thrill, Feel the Pow
  8. And there was a clear improvement in the driving physics between 10 and 14 through all the titles, the fact the game ran on the same engine every year and still improved is fantastic.
  9. It was shit? I wouldnt know, Im too busy league racing with my mates on the game =)  It just seems that most people here are negative and i GUARANTEE even if the game had all the features they asked for, they would still complain "crowd isnt 3d" "not enough grass gets kicked up" "my engineer keeps saying the same things" It just never ends. Be happy with what we get, its alot better than nothing at all, which is what it was like in 07 and 08. 
  10. No voice commands on PC because Codemasters would have to use 3rd party software and pay for a license, or build their own program. This takes time and money, and considering the PS4 and Xbone voice recognition is built into the dev kits, its ALOT easier to implement it for the consoles.
  11. I for one would love to see developer interviews. There the ones making the game, they should be the ones to explain and talk about it. And during those sorts of interviews, you will see gameplay footage and behind the scenes stuff (potentially). Maybe its just me but so many nasty people are on this forum.
  12. Gran Turismo is 100 times worse when it comes to AI.
  13. All I wish for is that the online experience is stable as a rock. The current season Im doing with my league on F1 2014 is a disaster for me because I get disconnected EVERY race. If there are more than 5 of us racing Ill get disconnected at some point. We all use mics so theres alot of net traffic coming through, and my NAT type is on 2 (crap router) but still, some new net code will go a long way! So how many people will we be able to verse online? I know the PS4 party chat only supports 8 people, so I assume there will be improved in game audio options available? And I may not be able to c
  14. You wouldnt be able to change your name and number on cars and suits etc anyway because of license issues, so whats the point of even being yourself in a career? Just makes more sense to ditch that aspect entirely and focus on presenting a realistic F1 season.
  15. Oh you guys. You pick a driver to race as in the career modes because it goes hand in hand with the broadcast style presentation the team are going for. The presentation would be inconsistant and not as realistic once you start adding "player 1" stuff everywhere. Photos and names of the real drivers on the grid can be used to full effect in imagery and even commentary, to add to the authenticity of the presentation. And with a major leap in graphics, it will come together in a spectacular package. I hope! :P 
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