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  1. The graphics definitely aren't close to that of Project CARS, which have fooled more than a few people into thinking they're looking at a real life video, but the F1 2015 graphics look improved and more than adequate.  Previous incarnations of this game had a lot of issues, and if graphics were one of them, it was certainly near the bottom of the priority list.  Graphics don't make a sim.  Race 07 is a testament to that - we still have a league for it, and it's incredible to race cars in it. I'm playing Pcars as we speak, and if you want to see videos there's loads in the off
  2. Its leaps and bounds over its predecessors, isn't that the point...?. Can you be more specific as to what you mean by 'Its not next-gen or Very bad'? Sorry but I don't think we understand the 'unfortunately there are best in neighboring...bye bye' ok... I'll answer you with a questionYour opinion, All images presented today ... Is that next Gen? 
  3. sorry but the graphics are not realistic................ it's not next gen it s very bad... unfortunately There Are Best in neighboring...bye bye  http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews/project-cars-community-gallery-78/
  4. Please give me your settings. Let's see if it really is just that ... In the Logitech Profiler, a change in the default configuration? Degrees of rotation - 200?  Also you can give me your setup for the car in Melbourne? THANKS!!!! My answers are black above.  do you think these settings are Good for 1.24. wing 2-2 Balance 8-9 ressort 11-1-11-11 thx.
  5. wheel spin much more in career mod specialy first saison ... but in grand prix mod not much..!!!!!
  6. This year not easy to drive with traction control -off...  Plz any One Help me with some tips or setup  My setupWing 2-1Balance 11-11Suspension 1-1-11-11
  7. we will sell you a Sh** after we told you several times the word Soon.
  8. excuse Me, do you have f1 2014 ? where you bought it?
  9. really thank ocesc68  I am in GamesCom Now, it very Cool...All Information are exacte thank you...
  10. I find this topic not very smart .... guys we're all racing fan ....:)  
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