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    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    In my opinion, i would love to see Codemasters make an F1 game with the 15 seasons starting from 2000 and all the way through to 2015.  So in career mode you start in the year 2000 and work your way up each year, you could have the option to repeat the year again if you wanted to.  And the quick race mode would obviously let you play in any team in any year of your choice with every car looking the way they did in that season.  I fully understand that this would take a long time to make but it is just a suggestion. Also, when your in the garage, you should be able to walk around to different areas of the garage and set up your car and race by actually interacting with other people.  You should then do a formation lap, make any last minute changes to your car when you are set up on the grid and then do a warm up lap.  And finally start the race with more interaction and realism within it.