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  1. It's not the steering override either. One of the drivers showed he's settings before the race. WHich showed the steering override being set to wheel. He didn't show his throttle saturation and deadzone though. And he wrote that that's what it is.
  2. I'm telling you, this is a glitch of some sort, This isn't them being good with throttle control. This is something that they have confessed.
  3. Hello! I race in the AOR split 1 pc league. In that league we got 2 people who got so much better traction than everyone else, which makes them faster but their tyre wear is also much better. It's been a lot of discussions about it but in the end the stewards did nothing. It turns out they have found an in-game setting that give them better traction. If one of them hasn't lied, the setting glitch should be in the throttle deadzone and saturation.  Is this sth anyone else know about or is it just those 2 in AOR? If anyone know what the setting is, I would be happy if you could share! :)
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