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  1. I was very surprised at the backlash about the career mode as well but really I don't care either way. My most important things that need to be in the game are "a decent penalty system" and great racing physics with good force feedback. I don't care who's car I am driving as long as it feels reasonably right (especially in the rain)! Also about the broadcast system, (MLB the Show) has a broadcast system that uses your spoken name (they have thousands in the database) so the announcer says (insert name here!) hit another home run and is headed to the record books...lol. Could it
  2. I think (unfortunately) most of the community (from what I have read) has pretty much given up with the games progression (or lack of it!) and the developers seem to have given up with the forum since they just continue to get bashed at every turn...I check in every so often but for me the F1 games have gotten really stale (same tracks, presentation, last gen etc). I'm playing Drive Club a lot at the moment ( more arcade, I know, but I'm finding it good fun and that is why I play these games). I will pick up F1 2015 forsure but I will also pick up Project Cars so&
  3. This is a good article on the subject but it still does not answer the question why the last gen Thrustmaster T500 will work on a PS4 "without!" a security chip?! http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-11-05-whats-the-deal-with-ps4-and-xbox-one-steering-wheels
  4. After going as far as signing a petition for Sony to support Logitech wheels and a lot of confusion as exactly who to complain to, I was wondering if CM has any intention of supporting Logitech wheels in your upcoming F1 game? Or can you help clarify what is exactly going on with wheel support for the PS4 and XBox1...cheers. I love F1 2014 with my G27 and hope to do the same with F1 2015!
  5. O.K, CM can't pick and choose who buys there game but a driver (I say that with much hesitation!) that is a lap down (in a 3 lap race!) is either... A: just there to wreck ANYONE! or B: can't drive and should pull over but thinks that taking you out is fun... I'm not saying that you have to ghost longer races, just "Sprint Races" I also didn't " crash into him" he turned right into me while I was passing him... anyone who is fast and wins a lot has seen this but, alas I guess your not one of the lucky few... wake up.
  6. Well the geniuses at CM have done it again... Can you pretty please "GHOST A DRIVER A LAP DOWN IN A SPRINT RACE!" or do you enjoy your customers swearing your name up and down for your lackluster coding of a problem that has plagued the series since inception... you didn't want to hear what I had to say after I came from 12th to 1st and get wrecked on the last corner by some back marker!#%&*!#$^#
  7. The thing that worries me is that currently not many wheels are supported on the PS4... My Logitech wheel is 1.5 years old and I'm not really into buying a new wheel... so please support all the wheels you have in the past. cheers.
  8. I agree that the driving is fun this year and I'm enjoying it as well, I also agree that once your finished with the game there is no need to revisit it. The only thing I do now is online and maybe the odd time trial to squeeze out some time but that's it... With NASCAR 14, I painted more cars than actually raced, so more customization would (for me) be a great addition. Hopefully the next gen game will have lots more to offer... I just hope my wheel works with the PS4 version...  
  9. PS3/Logitech wheel. I enjoyed the game although the presentation and overall feel is pretty dry and boring (it took a week and a half to Platinum). A couple of things kept me from giving it a better score. The wet weather racing was pretty much a joke as the AI just kill you (lost 10 seconds a lap with full wets and the AI kept full pace). The AI in co-op seem overly aggressive, I never much cared for the classic stuff but with all that left over space on the disc I was surprised that they didn't seem to fill it with anything! I'm not sure if the game was responsible b
  10. I swore off buying F1 2014 because of many reasons but I am buying it for one reason only, Wheel Support! I was really excited about the upcoming releases on the PS4 but none of them support my Logitech wheel so guess what, I'm buying F1 2014... Not sure what CM have in mind with wheel support for F1 2015 but I'm not going to buy a new wheel when the one I have works perfectly...Lucky CM...
  11. They must love dividing up the community because the same happened with F1 2013 and the classic content, do they even test the DLC for issues, I very much doubt that they do.... they should be ashamed but they have shown over and over again that they don't care...
  12. I think they gave us 16 or 18 hours notice (before release day) that F1 2013 would be delayed! It ended up being delayed indefinitely. I read somewhere here that it would be released in NA on disc,but time will tell.
  13. I thought the idea was great (you crash, you pay) but like everything else CM touches it was never conceived properly!
  14. Logitech is not supporting their products making them useless on the new hardware (PS4 for me) so we either have to buy new wheels or use a pad for any game on the PS4... I contacted both Sony and Logitech and both say that they can't comment...typical! Well for me I will never buy anything from Logitech ever again... Don't think that they particularly care either way though... Care to comment CM...most likely NOT! .
  15. Most people were disappointed (at least I was) that it is still being released on the PS3/Xbox 360 so the anticipation is very low indeed and even CM seem to not particularly care either. 
  16. I signed the petition as well as contacting both Sony and Logitech but I agree that a company like CM would have considerably more clout in this matter... You also would think that they would "be on top of this!" since it's their sales that might suffer... I'm really starting to think that CM don't give a damn about us! 
  17. PS3 froze twice and had to restart... same place on the track!
  18. Daily updates, If CM actually cared about it's customers they would update daily. I'm sure they could contact Sony/MS to ask how the testing is going on a daily basis and pass it along... pathetic. 
  19. I was really looking forward to a next gen (PS4) release, in fact I bought a PS4 just for F1 2014 on PS4 (I know it was never confirmed) so I'm going to get Project CARS instead... that and the fact that my pre-order for F1 2013 never arrived because it was NEVER released in disc form in North America... I'm guessing that this will be the case with F1 2014...
  20. I know it's been said before but how ironic that they named their company CodeMasters...
  21. You would think that considering the extent and severity of the problem CM would update the patch progress DAILY!
  22. I backed up after every session (PS3) and had a good save file (from all the comments from the community, not so much from CM) but now I don't use ANY of my cars since I'm pretty sure that is what corrupted my save. Now, however I get run over with the guys that have tuned cars, I also can't take my purchased car on the Intel challenge in case It glitches!... Think that one out before you launched the challenge.. PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME ALREADY!...
  23. "The reason why it is called beta is because they still make changes to the forum, it is still under development" Then if you follow this logic the game must be in BETA as well...
  24. Contact everyone you can (Sony/MS/Steam) to let them know about your dis-satisfaction.... it's worthless complaining to CM as they don't care...
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