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    Around the World Trophy

    I just downloaded the demo on the PS4 and was interested in picking it up at a reasonable discounted price. That is "Until" I saw the platinum trophy requirement of 40,000+ km of driving. You just lost a sale CM, you can fire that guy now that came up with this BS. Merry Christmas.
  2. I thought that the addition of "Evolution Studios, DriveClub" would help in some areas (graphically DriveClub was outstanding with great weather effects and a real feel for speed) but I can't see any difference at all.
  3. The photo editor and replays in GTSport are outstanding, even the photo editor in Horizon Zero Dawn is better than the editor that CM gives us... Seems that they are lacking big time in a number of areas...
  4. If this is possible IRL then people would jump all over this but if it's not available for F1 drivers then I think this won't happen.
  5. Now that "Wreckfest" has been out for a Cpl of weeks has any of the online shenanigan's settled down? It does make me laugh though because on the Wreckfest FB forum guys are complaining about the bad behaviour..... This is priceless...
  6. likewise

    How to be more transparent to your customers

    I have completely given up on CM, I have all the DiRT titles but didn't pick up DiRT Rally 2.0 and I'm in the same state of mind for F1 2020. Think I'll give that one a pass as well, kinda fed up with the same old tracks, online issues, and complete disregard for there customers. Disclosure: I am aware that the "tracks" are out of CM's hands but ten years with only a Cpl of changes make it pretty boring for me.
  7. likewise

    Front Wing Breaking Up. Is This a Glitch?

    I think you need video evidence to show that you didn't hit anything otherwise no one will believe you, especially CM.
  8. likewise

    From A rank to D in like 4 races...

    You sir are a ****...
  9. If the game doesn't function as advertised there should be compensation but sadly in the end they will blame you...
  10. likewise

    Pure Gold achievement/trophy change idea

    Yea, I play at night on the West coast, NA, not too many people in those lobbies I raced the other day with 5 guys and came in second 4 times with NO points awarded. Then a bunch of guys joined, I messed up my quali and got DSQ, started last then ran into a guy that didn't like getting passed, ended up in the wall, came in last and lost about 30 points! That was it for me... absolutely retarted.
  11. likewise

    Pure Gold achievement/trophy change idea

    Well if they wanted to keep multiplayer alive they went about it the wrong way... I have two trophies left (level 50/Gold skill rating) but I gave up and actually quit multiplayer until they fix it or I won't bother with this one...
  12. likewise

    Bring back retired newish F1 tracks?

    Istanbul/Valencia/Buddha,,, if they add any of these tracks I'm in for next year,,, but no chance.
  13. likewise

    Online lobbies: Back marker warriors

    I remember asking for this is 2011 and they have ignored it ever since... Ghosting lapped cars seems pretty reasonable in my mind but not CM's apparently!
  14. I have two trophies to go for plat unfortunately "gold Skill" is one of them... I'm also an "S" rated driver so I guess I'll be looking to go down in rank to actually get this done... You are so right about CM...this is my last game of theirs I'm not supporting them anymore... Was going to pick up Grid but will most likely be getting Wreckfest just for laughs... It's been a long time since I actually had fun with a racing game and that looks like fun after the drudgery F1 2019 is...
  15. likewise

    old circuits would be nice

    Any extra tracks would be an added bonus... Been saying this for years... classic cars are nice but driving the same tracks for years and years on end is getting kinda tired and boring...
  16. likewise

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    F1 is loosing Hockenheim? That's my favourite track on the calendar to race... Damn. They always loose the good tracks... Istanbul, Valencia, Malaysia… what's next...Spa?
  17. likewise

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    I don't have a problem with Singapore because the walls kind of show the way but France! Now that is one messed up track to learn...
  18. likewise

    Ranking System is killing us all

    Yea, GTSport just updated last night so I will continue my racing on GTSport rather than wasting my time with F12019... Please fix your game CM!
  19. likewise

    what's the deal of saftey ranking?

    It is truly a joke that after 10 years CM don't even know the state of online play with their own game... Awarding (or taking away) points only adds to the frustration of bad driving, CM should be ashamed of themselves... Last one for me...forsure.
  20. likewise

    Multiplayer: People should be penalized [Video]

    Just watched your videos m8, I've had both of those happen to me as well... I feel your pain. I actually think that awarding points to an online race makes the racing worse as people are trying to gain points anyway they can... Turf it CM... Do you actually know what is going on in your game? It's 2019...it's been 10 years!!!
  21. likewise

    Multiplayer: People should be penalized [Video]

    I'm with you m8, I only race online (PS4) to clean up the trophies otherwise I'm completely offline and better off for it. Online I'm constantly tiptoeing around because you don't know if the guy in front/behind is going to punt you off the track at any given point in time and I have an "S" safety rating! I'm not the fastest guy around and mostly qualify midfield so the chance of contact is at least 50/50... It looks as if the "Gold Safety Rating" trophy is out of my reach because even if I don't touch anyone and don't get any corner cutting penalties I still loose points to my licence because I'm down the grid... Thanks Codemasters...
  22. CM responds to the questions/queries/praise that they want to... all the other stuff they ignore. Been like this forever and sadly not likely to change...
  23. PS4...If you are going to try this as an exploit to reach "gold" safety rating then I can confirm that this won't work. I tried one race where Iet the AI qualify for me... qualified second to last then in the race I came in last with loss of safety points. The second race I qualified myself, placed fifth on the grid, let the AI do the race and I finished 15th out of 18 with a safety rating loss of 30 points... It does, however count towards your overall progression towards your rank to 50. So the dreaded gold safety rating still continues to be a pain in the you know where...!
  24. Over the last ten years they have already taken too much of my money... There is no way I'm giving them any more... unless Grid is good...lol
  25. Three times today my game froze (crashed) during an online race. Both lobbies had 10+ and the game froze on the first lap in the first corner... Lost a lot of points!!! for closing the program... This is the first time this has happened after a week of playing online... but the game updated today... any ideas CM?