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  1. Sharkey11

    Aor boosting

    We all know and you can be sure AOR (cheating mugs ) know what they are doing.They are useless on track and this just proves the point that all they have ever done is sit in a cosy little lobby with 1 lap races setup.Ive been watching this so called team for a long time,players getting kicked from their lobbies.And dont bother bullshitting,becasuse ive been kicked as have a number of my members. If you are as you put "we are just leveling up our cars to do the racenet challenge " you are all so full of shit,your cars are mostly level 99,so they are well ranked up,so there is no need to do your so called lobbies.You are caught,you are liars,you are shit on track and you know it AOR. CTR now have you all firmly in our sights as have all the other REAL teams who can actually race.The REAL teams respect each other and have gained respect because we are damn good on track and we dont cheat like AOR does. As, long as you boost you WILL be demolished on every track you show up on and the only way this will be stopped is if you actually say sorry for your insults to the people who know what you have done and are doing on a daily basic. AOR you are the shit on the top 10 teams shoes and will be treated as such,let the games begin. I for one will stomp on every one of your members and CTR are now just baying for your blood on track. Hide as you always do,but remember you now have one extra team on your back,that now makes 4 of the best teams in the world at Autosport and 100+ of the best racers combined just lining up to smash you cheats back to the Breaker Yard. Report me away if you like,but you know you cant when these are the pure facts cheaters and mouth pieces. Sharkey CTR Manager of CTR