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  1. I can't wait to play F1 2015. From all the videos and information i've seen, the game looks great. I cant wait to play a 5 season career mode and work my way up from Manor to Mercedes and be team mates with Hamilton. 
  2. Yep. I turn on mechanical failures and full damage. Makes it interesting with realistic fuel and tyre deg. Its been out a few days and the online lobbys are packed
  3. Just bought a PS4 and got PCars. So far so good. Very nice to drive with the dualshock controller.  I like all the options you get to make the game suit your needs. AI difficulty slider = awesome. Custom view angles = awesome too
  4. You don't need a wheel. Controller works just fine but you need to adjust the settings. The standard settings for controllers are not ideal What settings do you suggest? 
  5. I here you need a wheel for PCars to really work.  If thats the case, what cheap wheel should you get for PS4?
  6. Not sure why everyone keeps using this forum to vent their frustration,  CM obviously dont care to come on here and read our posts
  7. 2016 their are plans to drop multiplayer. And 2017 the plan is to not even have ai cars. No one wants these features in the game. 2018 they will listen to their customers and bring back career and the paddock but their will be no tracks or cars, its all just simulated
  8. Ha ha ha ha ha. Doubt he sleeps at the moment. Too many problems with the game needing fixing.
  9. I go onto gaming sites and the amount of video screenshots previews updates and almost every game this year are available, except F1 2015. Must be a shit game then to not want to promote it.
  10. Yes, we are currently doing very, very badly. Who do you support? Just out of pure curiosity. A team near or dare I say it, at the top of the Premier League? And, yes to Operator1, I do have a big ego, as it happens. I support Chelsea, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Not sure how they are going atm
  11. First of all please stop telling us what to talk about Second of all West Ham are hopeless
  12. I doubt it will have the depth P Cars has. The only thing going for F1 2015 is the they have all the tracks and drivers unlike P Cars Formula A which is a fantasy season
  13. Ha. Available June, Offer ends June 12. So you can wait for vids anyway
  14. I get the feeling this game will be the best racing game of all time and everyone on here will take back what they said about Codemasters being useless and need to not be allowed to make racing games ever again, which is the truth but they will keep making racing games and those on here rubbishing them will be right.
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