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  1. Vlasovas

    F1 community gone quiet

    in my opinion the game had few graphical improvements, but not on the tracks, added cool items as return the position to the opponent, safety car, but lost focus of the game to reduce climate effects was the postcard of the game! this serving idiots requests! in the middle of these five years we had productions as Project Cars and Assetto Corsa, and if Codemasters wants to continue to sell the F1 series should do a fantastic job of details on the track as seen in Project Cars and Assetto Corsa, return of the car physics, seen in F1 2010 when it leaves the track, the behavior was very real, full of jumps, the game over the years was too arcade. should return with Anthony Davidson, or other F1 driver to return the sense of direction! spite of everything! like to play F1, even against titles like Project and Assetto (as mods) but it is necessary take it to the level of these competitors and bring your audience back, and how to do? elaborate carefully the simulation detail and bring the track, while maintaining the physical F1 found in 2014 as the tire, releasing the rubber during the race, fumes, etc.!
  2. Vlasovas

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    1 - as the game will be the new generation, would be welcome seeing him as it was the F1 2010, a revolutionary game in the climate effect of water spray of cars, among other things were a bit left out in the last two versions, with better job of the codemasters done in F1 2012 game in which there was good diversity of smoke and sprays! (Mainly in the replay) 2 - tires may have braking marks textures, for when the wheels lock, the hole appear and then disappear with repairing the track itself, as well as textures gum! see video  http://youtu.be/jP7wwJC5Cok 3 - mechanical problems (all) on - off! 4 -  unforeseen in tire changes, not many, but at least in one season, there should be an accident with a mechanical, or team not being ready! 5 - the cars participants of accidents should stay on track output, after a safetcar, and with people and cranes trying to remove the car while we run! after safetcar 6 - conversations with the engineer should be based on answers also, with choice of 2 or 3 7 - flat tires should arrive crumbling away in the box 8 - the replay became without effect, very simple, does not give desire to see more, please return effects such as sprays, and shakes of cameras onboard 9 - eliminate the bug of smoke and spray, that blink