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  1. Hi guys ,  I'm pretty new to the game and I got some questions :blush:  -When I look at youtube , I see them racing at 250mph but I cant even reach 200? -And you cant upgrade / tune your own car? When I play career I race with Red Bull Infinity and when I go online , I got a Lotus ?  Maybe someone can give some information? Thx in advance ! Ps: Never played another F1 game
  2. Hi guys , I just bought the game and when I play career mode I need to race 1hour in 'practice' with time - just like time trail ? Can you put this off ? Or you always need to race for 1 hour until you can start? If this sounds stupid I'm sorry ! I'm just new to the game .. Thanks in advance !
  3. Hi guys ! I got a Ferrari Wheel but I cant change the sensibility... I cant go to 'Advanced Wheel settings' and 'Force Feedback Options'  Please help me? [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/2la7ua9.jpg[/IMG]
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