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  1. So then, no response after 6 days..i think i will come to my own conclusion that the pc version at least..will be left with these problems.
  2. I own grid auto sport, dirt 3 and dirt showdown and love every single one of them..apart  from they all have the same stuttering. The screen freezes for a second or two but the game continues to play while it's froze. I have a great rig so i know it's not the problem..every other game i have works perfectly. For the sake of it though my specs are i5-4690k 8gb ram gtx 980 All updates installed, newest drivers, even tried some older ones. Also i recently re-formatted my pc and the problem still persists.
  3. New patch didnt fix freezing for me
  4. I keep getting frizzes. Only today though. Gtx 980 i5 4690k. The game was fine when i first installed 2 days ago but now it frezzes and the game continues in the background and then resumes. Dirt 3 has also started doing this to. Every other game i play is fine, and i have quite a few. Drivers etc are updated and latest patches installed.
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