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  1. Its the original DVD game disk
  2. The games instal ok  ut when I try to launch the disc drive runs and after a couple of minutes it stops usually with no message. I feel the problem is with the GFWlive   when I download the GFWLivesetupo.exe file it says that the file has installed but  but when I click launce it says cant find the gfwlive file 
  3. I did have oth games working on my computer aout 2 years ago .I uninstalled them and now with a igger drive cant get them to launch at alldespite contactin codemasters and trying all their suggestions. I know this is not a unique experience . Why dont codemasters confess and tell us straight what is causing the problem  I know it must e something to do with GFWl  thing and my Pc although very up to date with gaming hardware and drivers will not instal  and run the GFWL files properly. can any one help or is this the  end of DIRT 3 And F! 2011 as we know it?
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