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  1. The rating of my teammate is quite low. Only 70. My teammate beat me in qualifying by a few tenths but I’ve beaten him easily both races. I forgot that Australia and Bahrain are strong tracks for the AI. But the fact I was slower than my competitors really frustrated me. If I’m still slower around China (weak track of the AI) then something isn’t right. Seeing my teammate underperform, which he did not in the first season, makes me think there’s something wrong with the car though.
  2. I’ve just started my 2nd season in My Team. I had the 7th or 8th fastest car throughout the first season. I out qualified my teammate almost every race and got sometimes into Q2. I was able to match the midfield in the race and sometime beat them. I started season 2 with the 5th fastest car. I’ve just finished the 2nd Grand Prix. I’ve not gotten out of Q1 in both of my races. I was barely able to match the midfield in the race even though my car is faster. And my teammate has beaten me in every qualifying session so far. Who has also not gotten out of Q1 and has finished both races around 17th
  3. I already knew that. But still thanks for the tip!
  4. Thanks for the tips. I think I should nail it at the end of the week if I can keep doing 20 laps around Monza every day.
  5. Thanks for the tips. Short shifting is shifting before the purple light right? And I thought you should use 2nd gear in the slow corners except in Monaco.
  6. How much throttle do you actually need out of a slow corner? I can't get the 1st chicane of Monza right for life...
  7. I'm on a pad, so I think you mean faster.
  8. I'm trying to run without traction, but I can't figure out how to do it good. If I put to0 much power(100%), I get massive wheelspin. If I put less power(80%) I lose a few tenths compared with traction on medium. Can you give a few tips :p
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