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  1. dwin20

    Preparation for a race

    @RS Phil What telemetry software do you use? Thanks
  2. @Ultra3142 and @Mike5500 - thanks!
  3. I preordered the Schumacher version of F1 2020. Does that mean I should have the VIP Podium Pass AND 15,000 PitCoins? Or am I supposed to use 9,000 PitCoins and purchase the VIP Podium pass? Thanks
  4. Is this only on the Xbox? I am on a PS4 - but have not updated yet.
  5. dwin20

    No Hard Copies

    Are you in the US?
  6. Wasn't blaming Codemasters - just noting the performance of Amazon US. Frustrating!
  7. I pre-ordered from Amazon the Schumacher Edition about 3 weeks ago in the US. Not only was it not shipped for July 7th, apparently it is not going to be shipped on July 10th. Amazon is now saying that it will arrive on July 14th by 8PM. What was the point of pre-ordering if in fact I get it later than those who didn't?
  8. dwin20

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Thanks for this topic!
  9. dwin20

    Vip pass

    Is that automatic or do you have to enter a code (if you have preordered) - thanks
  10. I preordered it though Amazon US - and it says will be released on July 10. Also on the Codemasters F1 website the 70 version says released on July 9th ??
  11. These were not my opinions - but rather from the article and they were tough. My overall point however was that after all the negative statements, the focus changed to a very positive reference to the George Russell comment on handling in F1 2020.
  12. https://www.racefans.net/2020/06/16/was-f1s-virtual-grand-prix-series-a-success/ Here is the tough part: Compared to equivalent series run by IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula E and others, F1 struggled to muster enthusiasm among its drivers. It never managed to half-fill its grid with current racers, peaking with eight for its Monaco and Azerbaijan rounds. For this, some blamed the choice of game. This is ultimately a futile complaint: Formula 1 has an official game so it is unrealistic to expect they’re going to use anything else. Nonetheless, the fact F1 2019 was used for the series appears to have been the reason why some drivers chose not to participate. Max Verstappen said as much. Romain Grosjean and Sebastian Vettel both procured simulators but entered other series instead. But this part gives some optimism at the end: F1 assumed there was a significant audience who wanted to watch F1 drivers racing against celebrities. In the end, much of the Virtual GP audience and many of the real F1 drivers ended up going elsewhere. There’s a lesson there. But it would be a pity if F1 halted its experiment with virtual races. The new edition of F1 2020 is on its way and according to Russell its handling model is a significant improvement over the previous version.
  13. dwin20

    F1 2020 Car Handling

    Hopefully the arcade mode is now the finished product for the entry level - and the Codemasters folks can get to fully implementing all the F1 drivers' suggestions - and finally add telemetry. I also wish they were saying more about the driving physics and what they are doing. Having said that - given the mirror and George Russell's comments - I am inclined to pre-order.
  14. dwin20

    F1 2020 Car Handling

    Lee Mathers tweet: "Fantastic to hear @GeorgeRussell63 talking so positively about the improvements we've made to the handling model in F1 2020. It's thanks to feedback from the drivers that we've been able to confirm our direction is right this year."
  15. dwin20

    F1 2020 Car Handling

    There have been some positive references to improved car handling specifically: https://www.racefans.net/2020/06/08/russell-shocked-by-handling-improvements-in-f1-2020/ Any updates?