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  1. As is - a huge help and makes the game so much more enjoyable!!
  2. @sim913 Question - how do you determine AI difficulty - for example you have for Bahrain a 1:28.426 lap time as a 90 AI difficulty - how did you come up with that? Thanks
  3. He did a new video...
  4. @s00zster Thanks for the ideas - At this point there is nothing I can do with R&D points anyway as I am already maxed out in terms of upgrades. Same with money - pretty much useless unless I want to upgrade facilities that can't produce anything or go get Hamilton as the other driver. I used the default setup when I started My Team - but if I start over again will definitely use your suggestions. But the other aspect to this is that the upgrades are limited and developments will end at some point - in my case early in the third season. The next step would seem to be to significantly i
  5. Good catch - described incorrectly - meant moving bias to the rear if you needed to reduce understeer on corner entry
  6. I am about a quarter of the way through my third season and have maxed out. According to the charts my car is well ahead of all the others - but will be looking for everyone catching up. Also had rule changes only at the end of the first season - but not second. Will see if any occur in the third. Your point about not being able to reach the end of developments is spot on. This is the next step for this part of the game.
  7. But now there is not the ability to move the brake bias to the rear for more front grip - severely hampering the usefulness of brake bias - and completely unrealistic - not something actual F1 drivers would be happy with.
  8. Agree that is what they're doing - but maybe they could adapt this like they do with assists or other aspects of the game (damage as an example). Setups and telemetry are a critical and central part of F1 - and the game is completely unrealistic in how it handles them. No real F1 team could ever win a race if they had to accept what Codemaster's provides in this game.
  9. @SchneehaseAgree with you - just noting that this site (whose setups I like to use) was basically saying that the initial version of 2021 seemed more realistic in brake bias - and now, to your point, has gone back to 50%.
  10. Have telemetry in the game - and have car setups be actual settings as opposed to abstract representations. This is why Codemasters tries to gamify practice sessions, because they don't provide realistic F1 information to use the practice session in the way real F1 teams use them.
  11. It is interesting that looking at the original video SimRacingSetups did looking at all the tracks - there was complimentary comment that the brake bias had been improved for 2021 and was more realistic - but now in the new video setups it seems as though it has reverted back for all tracks to 50%. Does Codemasters have some data showing that F1 teams set their break bias for all tracks at 50%?
  12. Curious if it is just a few people - or everyone... Thanks
  13. Your AI Difficulty Calculator is really helpful - both in setting a competitive AI and in being able to understand the level of progress being (hopefully) made. Thanks!
  14. If a real F1 team had only the data available to it that you get in-game in the Codemaster's game they would NEVER win a race - even if you were Mercedes or Red Bull.
  15. Given the discussions in this forum - interesting to see what AI level difficulties participants use...
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