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  1. @Faya Are you accepting US PS4 players this year?
  2. dwin20

    Practicing Specific Corners/Sectors

    Use a PS4 - not a PC - but thanks
  3. dwin20

    Practicing Specific Corners/Sectors

    Tried the flashback - while it does give some ability to replay individual corners (not sectors) - the starting point is different each time and after awhile you get too close to the corner for it to be useful. So for the short-term a good work around - but would be nice to have the ability to select and have the same starting point at the same speed (like when you restart a lap)
  4. dwin20

    Practicing Specific Corners/Sectors

    Thanks - good idea - never thought of that!
  5. Is there any chance to include in F1 2019 being able to select corners or sectors to practice - rather than having to do the entire lap?
  6. Pointing out yet again the major weakness in this game - Telemetry is central to F1 - and this central element is left out of the game.