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  1. dwin20

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    Exactly how are we supposed to have supporting telemetry to send to the handling team when there is no telemetry in the game?
  2. dwin20

    F1 2018 Setups, fix em

    Since most F1 drivers at an actual race spend more time driving to develop the right setup (practice sessions) - than actually racing - this is a major weakness - goes back to a lack of telemetry in the game. Most members of an F1 team deal either directly or indirectly with telemetry. Hard to find someone on a team that doesn't.
  3. dwin20

    Codemasters F1 licence

  4. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    This is more of realtime dashboard information on telemetry as opposed to some of the more analytical versions...
  5. dwin20

    Your favourite Formula 1 game

    1) Grand Prix 4 (released in 2002) 2) F1 Challenge 99-02 (released in 2003) F1 2019 is a really fun, enjoyable, an interesting game - but without the integration of setups and telemetry the above two had - it can't match up to those as an F1 game.
  6. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    Earlier in this thread I posed the question what was the last F1 PC racing game that didn't have telemetry... In looking at the games that were produced in this century (seriously) there have been 5 different companies besides Codemasters, and those were in the first decade, not this decade. Of those five (looking at wikipedia), two of the games I can't tell whether they had telemetry or not as it is hard to find documentation, although one of them had setups that seemed to match the current F1 2019 (Edios in 2001) and the other was "Hot Wheels Williams F1 Team Driver" (KnowWonder/THQ in 2001). The other three - which produced multiple versions were by Ubisoft, EA, and Microprose. All of these had telemetry - and some their earlier versions of the game with telemetry were developed in the last century. So Project Cars and Assetto Corsa aren't really doing anything new - just including what has been a standard part of racing games for over 20 years.
  7. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    Curious - what was the one change that got you the biggest amount of time and where on the track - or was it more incremental than that? (Using this app)
  8. dwin20

    Apparently my setup is terrible

    What do you mean by nervous? Thanks - your overall post was very helpful.
  9. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    What do you mean by "You just got an engineer?" Thanks
  10. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    Iko Rein's app version 9.1 works on both, and he says you can compare laps between F1 2018 and F1 2019 - although I have never tried it. Here is the link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/telemetry-application.27456/
  11. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    @kevinkirk To be sure I understood you - that the UDP is just the data that Codemasters transmits - that some telemetry apps for the PC version of the game have access to more data because they can look directly in to the realtime files the program is creating/using - which means there are other elements in the car modeling that the UDP does not reflect... Is that correct? Thanks
  12. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    @SimracerGysepyI think Codemasters were trying to setup a lap where the idea was to set the mechanical and aero grip - and then driving to hit corner apexes correctly. I like being able to practice hitting the apexes as a separate exercise - but you are right as a simulation part of the challenge is getting the right tire temperature throughout the lap. So the idea of having an option to turn this on and off is a good one - since, as you point out, they do it in other modes.
  13. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    @Algarde curious as to how you think the engine not realized to give a simulation? Thanks
  14. @Zeraxxgiven the chart above how come the following below do not impact the channels for the temps for brakes and tires for F1 2019? uint16 m_brakesTemperature[4]; // Brakes temperature (celsius) uint16 m_tyresSurfaceTemperature[4]; // Tyres surface temperature (celsius) uint16 m_tyresInnerTemperature[4]; // Tyres inner temperature (celsius)
  15. dwin20

    It's time for telemetry

    The ikorein app works on a MAC - as it is Java based - so it works on a variety of platforms. I have a MAC and that is what I currently use... However if there are others you come across would be interested to hear about!