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    I have to say I am a bit stunned I just checked for the US versions for the PS4 - and the Anniversary Edition is $59.99, while the Legends Edition is $84.99. In this case the increase is over 40% for the Legends edition. Do you know what the challenges are?
  2. dwin20

    F1 2019 and Telemetry

    Telemetry has been a big weakness of the game (that was present in Grand Prix games two decades ago). No F1 team would be able to effectively compete with the level of telemetry that is available in this game. Like playing the game and will buy the new version - as the driving physics are challenging and fun - just wish Codemasters would address this...
  3. dwin20

    F1 2019 and Telemetry

    Is this in the game?
  4. dwin20

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    A virtual mirror is needed. I have mapped keys to look left and right - but the problem is that it is an abrupt shift without peripheral vision and disrupts the context of any turn you might be in. On a straight the loss of peripheral vision is not as critical - but is still a problem.
  5. dwin20

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    Any updates for the 2019 specification?
  6. dwin20

    F1 2019 and Telemetry

    But there is still a need to run a separate outside program - nothing within F1 2019?
  7. @Faya Are you accepting US PS4 players this year?
  8. dwin20

    Practicing Specific Corners/Sectors

    Use a PS4 - not a PC - but thanks
  9. Is there any chance to include in F1 2019 being able to select corners or sectors to practice - rather than having to do the entire lap?
  10. dwin20

    Practicing Specific Corners/Sectors

    Tried the flashback - while it does give some ability to replay individual corners (not sectors) - the starting point is different each time and after awhile you get too close to the corner for it to be useful. So for the short-term a good work around - but would be nice to have the ability to select and have the same starting point at the same speed (like when you restart a lap)
  11. dwin20

    Practicing Specific Corners/Sectors

    Thanks - good idea - never thought of that!
  12. Pointing out yet again the major weakness in this game - Telemetry is central to F1 - and this central element is left out of the game.