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  1. @BarryBL I purchased the game the end of June last year - a pre-release purchase. I had not used this portion of the game as there seemed to be quite a bit of confusion about pitcoins - and that finally seemed to simmer down. One of the reasons I purchased the Schumacher edition was to be able to get the VIP pass. So I finally used the pitcoins for that purpose, but lost my VIP status in less than a month. If I had just waited a little more (and not wasted my time with Series 3) I would now be able to get that status - for hopefully more than a couple of weeks. So the model of purchasing pitcoins is obviously one that doesn't work.
  2. @BarryBL I upgraded to 1.15 and lost my VIP status, all my xp points, my tier level 5 status, and access to all the VIP challenges. However the current level of bitcoins is correct - 8,500. I started with 15,000 - then spent 9,000 on the VIP pass - taking me to 6,000. When I achieved Tier 5 I got 2,500 taking me to 8,500 - which is what the screen is currently showing. I have made no other bitcoin purchases beyond the purchase of VIP status. It is showing "Series 4" as the version of Podium Pass I have the Deluxe Schumacher Edition Platform: PS4 Version: 1.15
  3. @BarryBL I was enjoying the developing of experience points and moving up tiers and to be unknowingly reset is a downer to say the least. And knowing that can happen again in the future makes this part of the game kind of unpleasant.
  4. @BarryBL I thought I was in the same one - I didn't change to a new series...
  5. dwin20

    Patch 1.15 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    @BarryBL Submitted it - thanks
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    Patch 1.15 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Also I had been up to tier 5 and now back at tier 1 - and all the VIP challenges that I had completed are now gone and I can't even access that menu...
  7. dwin20

    Patch 1.15 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    @BarryBL With the upgrade I lost my VIP status and all my xp points - how do I get them back?
  8. dwin20

    Patch 1.15 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Is this optional? How does it impact single player? I like being able to see in time trials the differences between the cars - can I still do this? Thanks
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    Patch 1.15 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    @barryBL What does "added the ability to enable equal performance in Time Trial" mean? Thanks
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    Ea sports it’s in the game

    When EA was producing F1 games - back at the turn of the century - they had telemetry in them. This continues to be a huge missing element in Codemasters' games. So hopefully, EA will push to have this reintroduced.
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    Ea sports it’s in the game

    EA's F1 games had telemetry - hopefully that will finally be included
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    F1 2021

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    Toe and differential

    Why the ride height never less than 5 - I thought getting the car as low to the ground as possible was desirable?
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    Preparation for a race

    @RS Phil What telemetry software do you use? Thanks
  15. I preordered the Schumacher version of F1 2020. Does that mean I should have the VIP Podium Pass AND 15,000 PitCoins? Or am I supposed to use 9,000 PitCoins and purchase the VIP Podium pass? Thanks
  16. @Ultra3142 and @Mike5500 - thanks!
  17. Is this only on the Xbox? I am on a PS4 - but have not updated yet.
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    No Hard Copies

    Are you in the US?
  19. I pre-ordered from Amazon the Schumacher Edition about 3 weeks ago in the US. Not only was it not shipped for July 7th, apparently it is not going to be shipped on July 10th. Amazon is now saying that it will arrive on July 14th by 8PM. What was the point of pre-ordering if in fact I get it later than those who didn't?
  20. Wasn't blaming Codemasters - just noting the performance of Amazon US. Frustrating!
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    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Thanks for this topic!
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    Vip pass

    Is that automatic or do you have to enter a code (if you have preordered) - thanks
  23. I preordered it though Amazon US - and it says will be released on July 10. Also on the Codemasters F1 website the 70 version says released on July 9th ??