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  1. Damn, this makes me miss messing around in Dirtfish in D4. So any news on Dirtfish making a return? This ^ and fun online modes there, as D4 lacked them. Joyride or Outbreak etc with friends to balance out white knuckles racing.
  2. @Blabam11 There isn't grey sandramp on pc, only the normal Battersea & a map which seems to be some Speedrun stage. I have no answer why such a thing happens though :-?
  3. It is a bug, it happens sometimes, and you can just make a new session. Probably caused by mods
  4. @PeteTheDuck Again... it is Valtteri, not Valterri :-w Heal (+2) BottasHurt (-2) Chilton
  5. Good race from Kimi until the puncture. Ferrari didn't inform Kimi that lapped cars will overtake. I think Nico deserved the victory, good drive from Jules.
  6. My first game was CMR 2.0. It was a cool game, I loved the arcade music, atmosphere in the championship rally. Also the stage in Sweden where you drive on ice (Was it Stage 2?). DiRT games are good also.
  7. @scottishwildcat For me which impresses the most are the physics and overall feeling. F1 2000 I remember getting goosebumps and so excited when battling for 2nd place in wet Nürburgring. On visuals the Codies games are of course better
  8. The best F1 game ever, maybe F1 2000 I don't know, some games don't have the "wow effect", hard to explain why
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