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  1. https://youtu.be/pqVhuWkwZTg

    Some rallycross gameplay, hard to tell as they’re not the best driver but it looks further improved from dirt 4, looks like you will need to use the handbrake a bit more to rotate the rear of the car which is good
    Damn, this makes me miss messing around in Dirtfish in D4.

    So any news on Dirtfish making a return?
    This ^ and fun online modes there, as D4 lacked them. Joyride or Outbreak etc with friends to balance out white knuckles racing.

  2. @scottishwildcat For me which impresses the most are the physics and overall feeling. F1 2000 I remember getting goosebumps and so excited when battling for 2nd place in wet Nürburgring.

    On visuals the Codies games are of course better

  3. - Manual control everywhere (Pitlane, Formation lap, false starts, stalling engine)

    - Realistic & more sensitive damage
    - Controls ideal for wheel
    - Realistic physics
    - Proper setups (e.g. like in rFactor)
    - Forced cockpit view
    - H-Shifter + clutch for classic cars (The lack of this was the most disappointing thing in F1 2013)
    those are my wishes for F1 2014

  4. I would like to have good controls and realistic damage model. Just pure simulation, realistic & detailed setup/tire options, ignition, false starts, mechanical failures... maybe I forgot something but that's the most.