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  1. What I like: - visuals overall look better. Real-time reflections, longer LOD distance etc. What I don't like: - the same team of developers. They clearly stated already they didn't understand what players wanted. And the story continues: I don't see realistic racing modes like derby, drift, touge. But I see bunch of arcade modes like eliminations, gates... Thanks but no. - no story mode for career. After reveal trailer I hoped for an entertaining rivalry between me and Ravenwest team. But as far as I see, I should manage my expectations©
  2. Codemasters' community manager @PJTierney also plays Forza Horizon 4! 🙂 This is custom challenge from him ))
  3. GRID2 is unavailable because it is still better and noone will buy GRID2019 😄
  4. I hope this time they will implement adequate LOD and the game won't look like complete **** from PS2 era
  5. I like that drivers got their own personalities. Maybe we will see tough competition during the season!
  6. This says a lot. GRID2019 is a huge letdown in comparison with any of the previous games.
  7. Except the game is selling on PC and consoles!
  8. Career - simple list of events. Compare it with RD: GRID Damage - reduced. Compare it with all previous GRIDs. Visuals - very short LOD, ugly tree models and no real reflections on tracks. Compare it with GRID2 and Autosport. Content - lack of. Compare it with Autosport. Multiplayer - totally undeveloped at launch time. Compare it with RD: GRID This garbage absolutely deserves the treatment it got.
  9. Because in the rain you can't see how ****** graphics is.
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