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  1. lastbreath

    The future of Grid

    Holy ssshhh.... Where do you live? ))
  2. lastbreath

    The future of Grid

    I like PC3 trailers but car swinging kills me
  3. I don't like cars floating like they have jelly instead suspension. But trees are nice! ))
  4. Maybe this game doesn't have top visuals, but the picture is solid and consistent. Trees don't pop up in your face. While in GRID2019 they took very stupid decision to make top visuals around the car and absolutely disgusting backgrounds. Looks weird
  5. lastbreath

    CODEMASTERS you are alone.

    GRID destroyed, Resident Evil 3 remake destroyed, Mafia 2 remaster destroyed... Is there any secret agreement among developers to ruin all my favourite games???
  6. lastbreath

    Final nail...

    When you think it's impossible to ruin more CMs: hold my beer
  7. lastbreath

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Definitely. But if you could 6 years ago, why you can't now? Also, where is the career? I can forgive Autosport, because it was "handling patch". But now?
  8. lastbreath

    Will DiRT5 support Win7?

    GRID 2019 was Win10 only game. What about DiRT5?
  9. lastbreath

    Welcome to the new GRID

    this is not even GRID2 level.
  10. lastbreath

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Because in the rain you can't see how ****** graphics is.
  11. lastbreath

    Can you change the colour for the Ferrari fxxk?

    They're trying to apply real life rules to a game. Of course, in real world people prefer safe cars. But this is a game and it is supposed to be fun. So here people want to see cars smashed. And if a car is undestroyable - it's borring and noone will choose it. So, trying to keep a car popular in fact they ruin it's popularity. Can't someone explain this simple thing to manufacturers?
  12. Yeah, baby, yeah!!!!!
  13. Yeah, DIRT 3 style at last... I was asking about it ))