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  1. Played Autosport and realised it had those carbon holes already: Mmm, dat trees!
  2. lastbreath

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    Why every video ends before finish line? This is a choice of editor or even replays in this game are so poor?
  3. If there are no proper arcades at this gen - it doesn't make poorly developed game rich. I still can play GRID2 or Autosport and get better visuals and richer content. There is Barcelona comparison between GAS and GRID2019 and it looks like a comparison of games released at the same year. GRID2019 doesn't look like 5 years improvement. Visuals are the same and even worse (trees, lightning, LOD). So what are we arguing about? About X-shaped trees in 2019? This is pathetic! -----
  4. FLAW3D VS I'm sorry, I was wrong about PS2. It has way better trees that I thought
  5. Seems you guys are OK when you pay for PS2 quality in 2019 game.
  6. lastbreath

    Watered down damage.

    Taking into account that some models have good... ok, acceptable level of damage, I guess they didn't create NEW system for "untouchable" cars, but lowered level of existing one for them. That means...
  7. HDR makes NORMAL lights BETTER While TREES are BAD right NOW. So HDR is like buying luxury thing when you have nothing to eat. Instead transforming GOOD into the BEST, better make BAD NORMAL first.
  8. Logic in my language is simple: He asks if I can't. And I really can't. That's why I have to agree with him: YES, I can't. So agreement determines usage of YES/NO. While in english: Can you? No, I can't Can't you? No, I can't - the same answer on opposite questions. Logic says different questions should have different answers! It always confuses me )) -----
  9. Because there are more base elements to improve )) You know HDR doesn't matter if you see such models of trees: They will remain bad under any lightning system
  10. Yes, I can't! šŸ˜­ (Or no, I can't? What version is correct?) But the most important part - I don't want to learn if handling doesn't bring fun. GRID2/3 also wasn't for NFS players and demanded some skills. But not TOO MUCH skills. I'm not saying we don't need SIMs. But we also need arcades. -----
  11. lastbreath

    Why water physics was cut off from DIRT series?

    Some comments under GRID2019 video:
  12. All my claims - trees, lightning and water in DIRT series )))
  13. lastbreath

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    I don't know, I can play it on KB but have to keep apex to be first. This is aboslutely the same formula Race Driver had. Perfect simcade.
  14. OMG looks like one of the best story based games! MCU: I'm the best universe in the world! Codies: hold my beer!
  15. NFS HEAT reflections, trees, lightning, open-world...