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  1. lastbreath

    Windows 10 only? Well, goodbye GRID then...

    The problem is that Win10 has absolutely disgusting UI, design and usability. When I launch that OS I want to womit immediately. Why the hell I have to spend hours to find basic options because MS decided that it was a brilliant idea to mix all settings? Moving from XP to 7 was easy, moving from 7 to 10 is sadistic af. This is not PC OS, this is tablet legacy with legitimate spyware and it should die in hell.
  2. This tablet tiles sh.i.t will never appear on my PC
  3. If all racing games have bad camera so does GRID too? I want GRID be better, not like "all racing games". https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/camera-mods.334/ - this is what chase cam should be.
  4. Why I always have to wait for mods? This problem was in GRID2, in Autosport and now in GRID remake. It's NOT COMFORTABLE to play with such low camera because you see nothing in the front of your car!
  5. lastbreath

    Gameplay Trailer - Race For Glory

    There is a lot of damage in this trailer