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  1. Author of the video confirmed it: Marcell Faber lastbeer medium is the highest setting. IDK why ---
  2. Hey, I was watching new Paris location on youtube and noticed some interesting thing. Here is the video: And here is video settings screenshot: Maximum LOD quality is... only medium! What? Can you check it? Is it really so? Maybe this is the reason of poor visuals?
  3. lastbreath

    Shadow draw-distance bug only with in-car view

    At least, trees look like trees now...
  4. lastbreath

    Race Driver: Grid Remastered/10 years anniversary

    I'm a huge fan of RD GRID but I vote NO. I want new stuff. It would be good to repeat its career and touge mode but not the whole game. I played it already. Why the hell should I play it again?
  5. lastbreath

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    yeah, that topic is hilarious
  6. lastbreath

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    DIRT has its own downgrade. And I don't care about DIRT since it became more sim-oriented.
  7. lastbreath

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    OK. it could be bad LOD, But what's this? This tree is right in front of you among other normal trees. Who modelled it? Chinese or indian outsource? How the hell it ended up in the game? Where is quality control? Who can explain this nonsense? Chris, maybe?
  8. lastbreath

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    Is EGO engine with x-shaped trees and 3 meters LOD better?
  9. lastbreath

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    Man, stop taking what you're taking 😄
  10. lastbreath

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    You screens almost convinced me trees are normal )) Especially on the last picture ))
  11. lastbreath

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Chris' words about how difficult is to add lobbies and that they have to rebalance the game mean one thing: the game was designed without lobbies from the start For such experienced company as CM and with three previous instalments of GRID - this is absolutely lame and incompetent. Firstly I was blaming shareholders for tight deadline, but now I see - game designers of GRID have never played any racing game in their lives! Just like some tree modellers have never seen any tree in modern games. Easily disappointment of the year award winner.
  12. lastbreath

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

  13. lastbreath

    GRID Season 1 launching December 4 - Hot Hatch Showdown

    frankly speaking, this game needs 4 tracks and 1 car instead.
  14. lastbreath

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    They literally could earn millions and be on the edge of glory if they released new Motorstorm. Players were angry at Sony and all attention was paid to CMs. Just give people what they want and sit on throne! Seriously, if there is a chart of wasted possibilities, CMs fail with Onrush should be on its top. This company is ruled by the most lame businesmen in the industry. To be said I think Onrush didn't deserve such fate. It failed just because everyone was waiting for Motorstorm. Without that background the game would be more successful
  15. In this case blur will save the situation because noone will see how terrible trees models are )))