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  1. lastbreath

    Extending GRID Autosport replays

    Developers didn't expect you're were going to fly ))
  2. You, *******, I'm installing Autosport! Are u happy now?
  3. lastbreath

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    2019 LOD is a joke... 6 years ahead but all games looks the same. And with that LOD new GRID looks even worse
  4. lastbreath

    Racedriver: GRID remaster

    Fans asked about original GRID features before GRID2 too. And before GRID. Result is the same. And there is no need to do remaster. They could implement modes and career here too. But didn't do that. So why do you think they will agree to make remaster?
  5. lastbreath

    Racedriver: GRID remaster

    Really? Another thread about GRID remaster? There were dozens of them. Even with polls ))
  6. Blind copying of original GRID features
  7. This is how 6 years of technological progress look like:
  8. @ChrisGrovesMCM no sweeping statements, just pure politeness: would you so kind to answer why LOD has only medium option. Thanks in advance. PS. How do you do that red link to nickname?
  9. I don't own the game. It's random youtube video
  10. lastbreath

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    And their quality is way better than Sidney Park, for example. Shanghai Street Track has rich background while Sidney Park is empty and they even didn't draw normal trees for it.
  11. lastbreath

    Why water physics was cut off from DIRT series?

    Sorry I confused you guys, I didn't mean water impact on car, I meant inner water physics - waves from GRID2/3.
  12. LOD from PS2 era :) in 2019 in non-open-world game
  13. lastbreath

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Because their target from the start was China, not quality.