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  1. ComansoRowlett

    OWC F1 league

  2. ComansoRowlett

    OWC F1 league

    Hey guys! So I am from a league called "OWC". We are a friendly bunch and we welcome all, and are currently looking for drivers for our F1 2018 league (PC)! We have just have come off our first season and it was a great success, we have learned a lot, and plan to start season 2 in roughly a week or 2. We do not intend to run a full calendar, we plan to do a season consisting of only 13 races and with that plan to eliminate most particular circuits which are bad with track limits, however a compromise will be we'll run strict for any "bad" circuits that make it through as we do intend to run regular for the majority of races (since we all know strict isn't exactly perfect in dealing penalties). If you are interested sign ups are here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IvniNZ_ghBRkdrU-Fm35o3qaS-LqiK4S2iBIkSOZvLQ/, and our discord is here: https://discord.gg/Qfb5ZX . Our plan is to get you guys's opinion on what you'd like to do for the season, hence why we have the options there and the majority will likely be chosen (50% races are pretty much guaranteed at this point however due to popularity). Thanks everyone and hope to see you there! -Comanso
  3. ComansoRowlett

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    In the upcoming F1 2015 game on PS4, Xbox one and PC. I would like their to be realistic punctures. You see in real life the whole tyre carcas flying off most of the time and the car is driving on the rim. With also possible floor damage! I would like to also see the chance to actually "get" a puncture increase like real life and to be able to have something called a "Slow puncture". Implementing things like this in this game would certainly make a lot of people buy it. Especially me! :smile: Oh! And one more thing... Wheels should be tethered on like in real life!