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    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    @LiteralZero , first off, thanks for breaking the radio silence finally. I think I heard somewhere, that engine failures are now implemented, is that true? And also closely related to that question, has the damage model been improved? Hope you are allowed to answer that question, lol... A simple yes or no would do it tho.
  2. Well Zordo, I just love how you comment on races you didn't attend to ;) Okay, so I'm going to start with your hacked tyre wear: You did a one-stop twice I think in this league, once in Malaysia and once in Bahrain. The tyre wear in this game is definitely scripted, if you want evidence just google or watch videos of aarava and Tiametmarduk testing the tyre wear intensively. You did a 1:34 with primes you've had on for 19 Laps on Lap 18, can't be arsed ;) In addition to that, you "retired" from the League after we told you to do screenshots of your tyre wear. You'll probably argue that you didn't leave because of that. However, the screenshots of your tyre wear were not given to us, instead, you retired and therefore refused to give evidence. So, if we wanted to kick out guys that are faster than the admins, we would do so immediately. We do not regret anything at all. Now we're coming to the race you saw on video, and thought you could comment on without any knowledge of what was going on. So, what basically happened was, that hafizchong (Force India) bumped into my back just like 10 seconds before the crash with the sauber, which forced me wide and caused me to lose 2 positions. When I then rejoined, I was right behind Santzu (Sauber). Hafizchong in the Force India braked while turning into the fast corner where the crash occured, meanwhile I was going for an overtake. Then, Santzu pulled to the left a tiny bit where he touched my front right tyre, causing me to go sideways a tiny bit, that's where we both lost control for the first time. About half a second later, we bounced back again. Then Santzu touched the right side of my sidepod. He then went sideways to the left, which hit me, and spun me too. The only penalty he got was a 10 second penalty. And now coming to the screenshot of our comment section where Santzu was whining too: He is referring to YOUR situation where YOU have been accused of hacking. We never accused him of hacking. So what you read from Zordo is basically a review on our league, which he has been in. But please note, that he caused me to spin in Malaysia on the first attempt of the race and got a drive through in Bahrain for whatever reasons, however it must've been deserved then ;) As I said, the admin staff of HRL does not regret anything.