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    Is GRID Autosport Really Hard....or is it me??

    i think yall are smoking crack My Grid AI is super over aggressive i cant get a good lap time when theyre on the track. Now since everyone gives there little bit ill give mine.  Generally any game i play i turn all assists off accept ABS i love just waiting till the last second to brake. Now ive played Shift 2 , F1 2012-13, Dirt 3, driver, forza 3-5 / horizon 2 And like any need for speed you can think of. Plus ive messed around with handling lines and such for GTA SA so i understand how physics work. Now my problem... I never played a Grid game b4 this is my first one.  Being so good at other games and tuning my car to perfection etc etc. ive killed the competion so i turned grid on hard. went into the tuner section, open wheel and found the game abit to easy and amped it up to very hard. than it wasent the ai in the race i found hard to beat it was beating there qualifiying times so i went back to hard after about level 3-4 in each category. and than i started noticing something my back end just love to spin out in muscle cars. but i quickly learned how to deal with that.  Doesnt sound to bad now right? So heres were it gets intresting. i avoided going to endurance racing. i hate going around the track 20 millons times for 1 race we race the same tracks enough i also thought that the races would be atleast 20 minutes long. So i noticed my tires sorta were away like they were rolled up Velcro u know tearing off every meter more i drove. From playing F1 games they may not have the best tire wear. but that is just stupid 8 times around a track and ur riding rims pretty much Which brings me to another thing. Now the muscle cars i could deal with these cars why the hell is it everytime i get into 2 gear i find myself facing the wrong way on the track. and if not im sitting there pumping the gas and falling behind. O WHICH FINALLY BRINGS ME TO TTHE BEST THING which ive come to the conclusion of which is one of these 3 1: You Gotta rip it around the corner as fast as you can or the AI RAMS YOU LIKE THE MOTHERF*CKER DIDNT KNOW WHAT BREAKS WAS. 2: You slow Down for the corner , and try n go nicely. WELL SHIT THERES THE AI RAMMING U SO BAD FOR NO REASON. 3: You try and go around the corner with the AI. He fights you for the spot on the line, but its not like you can fight back his car weights like 10000 pounds urs is 20. than u give em room 2 go to wide on a corner and the fucker ethier breaks stupidly on the inside of the corner u ram him. or goes to far out he pushes u off the track IMO WORST AI IVE DELT WITH  and to make it clear THE AI in GRID:AUTOSPORT is WORSE than the TRAFFIC in GRAND THEFT AUTO GAMES. Now if anyone can tell me how to friggin make a turn in an endurance car without getting rammed or spinning out. you know comment below but yea thats it. lmao