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  1. [FBG]Psymatrix

    DIRT 3

    Did you try contact by support e-mail?
  2. [FBG]Psymatrix

    world series audio issue

    It happen in DIRT 1 or 2?
  3. [FBG]Psymatrix

    Start of the race with 15 fps

    Did you try uninstall and install with CLEAN INSTALLATION The gpu driver? Do your Windows its official or alternative?
  4. [FBG]Psymatrix

    In car camera positions

    I try to find for a solution for this, and I didn't found nothing.
  5. [FBG]Psymatrix

    [FBG] Psymatrix

    My name is Guilherme, i am from Brazil. I am part of a game community called FEDERAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE GAMES. We have a special group in WhatsApp for GRID franchise. https://chat.whatsapp.com/FQnYHt1qKI32En8ubzQKNb We play too DiRT and F1 franchise
  6. Good morning for everyone. Yesterday i try to send a challenge in game and when i choose the option to send or do a download of challenge. the game simply close without showing errors or some message. Anyone can help me?
  7. [FBG]Psymatrix

    What you want to see from GRID

    hi! i want to see 1 - a lobby with room list to choose where i want to enter2 - more policies against cheaters and crash racers3 - better balancing of categories4 - chat text room in game avaiable in game5 - long races6 - le mans 24h