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  1. I would like to thank all the developers of the F1 2020 game for making it even more unplayable and bug-ridden to the point of no longer being able to race without seeing cars going wrong or disappearing and reappearing from one point of the track to another! All this after the F2 2020 update. Thank you so much because we all understood that we threw our MONEY to the wind!
    We are a group that organizes, indeed, organized Formula 1 championships but now after yet another bad figure we have decided to totally change the type of game !! You only think about your profits and instead of improving things you make them worse and you don't care about the feedback from the end customer! I'm sure I won't be the only one complaining, as my group of 200 and I represent perhaps 1% of everyone who uses the game! But to complain even a professional Formula 1 driver means that there is some problem, but you are only interested in selling and earning !!
    I hope that someone reads this post and that you solve all the problems that are there shortly because I, like other 1000 people, at least in Italy, will certainly not buy F1 2021.
    Best regards

  2. Answer by ewanrees13.
    Hi I am DJSPEEDY76 club president OCD (Only Clean Driver), I can assure you that we never used tricks to score points and not my Club to use them but others !! Indeed, this is the result of a good cooperation between the members of the club. What to watch for would be the club EVO that when we meet him in the race we destroy the machines for us not to make points, also sending offensive. We specifically chose this name because we are players who do not use any kind of makeup. Unlike other players and clubs who use them.
    Your accusation is baseless and envy
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