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    DiRT Forum Competition - The Setup

    Sounds like a good plan! I ll jump in when i am back from holiday!
  2. MartijnvH

    What is your favorite rally/race and livery?

    Dont like these liveries from the 206 WRC? or
  3. MartijnvH

    DiRT videos

    Would love to see it! :) Thinking of doing the old CMR04 and CMR2005 also again!
  4. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    @justbiglee and @ TheFlyingTuga , did u guys knew that my rally livery what I have at the rally car now, was created on paper by old dutch forum member cmr2games( Hoonigun), I did the development of the livery and he made the artwork on a sketch etc, some guys are really really good at making liveries from an idea to paper sketch! Amazing!
  5. MartijnvH

    Building a Rallycar

    Thanks :)
  6. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Need it before August ;-) have to prepare a lot for the new design/rebuild :) But i think it will be alright!
  7. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Have to admit that my co-driver don't use the wipers or horn ;-) It depends in every rally car
  8. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Your liveries are amazing! ;-) Still waiting for my 2015 livery for the 206 Hehehe ;-)
  9. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    How many buttons do you guys have on your game controllers and steering wheels? :O :P Having to operate so many things would be like Kubica at Janner Rally when he had no clue where buttons for lights were in the Fiesta :) Hehehe that's true, but lights / lightpod and wipers would be very handy in some situations!
  10. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    That would actually be pretty cool. Including horn, indicators "lights", lights of the lightpod, the heater ;-)
  11. MartijnvH


    With Colin McRae Rally the first racing games I played at the PlayStation 1 :D Use to drive with Peter Kox :)
  12. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Oh did I forget to mention I would like to see a co-up mode (online and offline) would love to run a rallyteam with a friend ( in game) guess that would be awesome! :D compete against manufacture teams!
  13. MartijnvH

    WRC 2014 Round 4 - Rally de Portugal

    That one is epic! hahaha
  14. Zandvoort would be awesome! :D
  15. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    The guys in audio are really passionate about what they do (just like we all are) and I honestly think we make some of the best sounding games out there.  Just the other week I was outside with them recording some audio and they have this crazy expensive super high tech setup that has been developed in conjunction with a university and they way it works and captures audio blew my mind. I probably can't say much more, not for fear of letting anything about the game out (surprise we record cars!) just more a case for letting something slip about the tech that I shouldn't. I fully plan to have some kind of feature about it up on the blog/in a video/on a podcast when the time is right. Here the Audio boys from Codemaster at work for the Dirt3 game! Recording a....... yes its the Audi Quattro from D3
  16. MartijnvH

    The DiRT Diaries

    Enjoyed every Diary! :)
  17. MartijnvH

    Building a Rallycar

    Thanks, and I can tell you it was worth every single euro! :D
  18. MartijnvH

    What do you drive?

    @tbtstt I really love your Scooby! Its an amazing car! :D @justbiglee your new Clio isn't that bad! compare to my 206 HDI ;-) xD
  19. MartijnvH

    What is your favorite rally/race and livery?

    They still make awesome cars @ThierryNeuville, just not World Rally Cars! ;) Have to say I'm rather tempted by the 2015 STI... Back on topic, one of my fave circuit race cars and liveries of all times: @tbtstt I don't like the 2015 STI it looks more like a EVO X/ Impreza although the commercial is very good ;-) And somehow I do not like race cars,... I do prefer DTM and Rally Cars ,... :D
  20. MartijnvH

    Colin McRae DiRT

    There was 1 thing I did not liked at Colin McRae DiRT, that was the career mode . But the first time I drove the Subaru Impreza at the head to head circuit it felt amazing! It was so much better then CMR2005 Cars did look great too that time! :D
  21. :) Glad to hear! @jontucker drove a Peugeot 206 1.6 XS cup car right? Mine 206 is a 2.0L 16 valve ;-)   Yes, it was a 206 Super Cup car. So much fun! It would be great to enter a rally and go head to head @ThierryNeuville! :D Thanks @RallyCameraman :\"> Lets make this happen :) At least 2 rallies ( 1 UK , 1 Netherlands) ;-) because it wont be fair of your home rally advancement :-) :D Also have to admit that I cannot secure that I will drive the 206 ;-) something is in the air here ^-^  But as I said before lets make this happen :D
  22. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Have to admit that I cannot agree with this, but I have to say this is my point of view and my opinion, I think u should only focus at rally and rallycross the next game, All the other gymkhana stuff, buggies trucks Pike peak etc etc  u should put in a Showdown game or different game. Or a special Dakar game for the Dakar Rally. The reason for this is that I think u should focus at 1 part of the sport ( Rally/ Rallycross) because els I think u don't put the attention at the right spot.
  23. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    I do loved reading it too , but it felt amazing to see that many wishes actually made it in the development of the DiRT series! It makes us fans feel more part of the Codemasters games, Really thanks for that opportunity @KickUp @JonTucker @justbiglee ! We really appreciate this!! Have to admit that this do make a big different between Codemasters games and other rallygames
  24. MartijnvH

    Welcome Back

    Sometimes when u change a wheel after a puncture  at a long rally stage, u do forgot something in the heat of battle ;-) But u can call it an aerodynamic feature, also known as secret weapon :D
  25. MartijnvH

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Yhea busy life with running your own rally team, work etc etc ;-) But I am back! :D Although I will be next week inactive for 5 weeks,.... because I am on holiday to Australia and New Zealand ;-) If you are coming to Auckland, New Zealand then you should and say hi. Will try to do that ;-) I will PM u when I am in New Zealand ( If I have internet connection) :) Lets get Back on Topic! I would love to see some different kind of tires , gravel, tarmac,, intermediates etc etc