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  1. 20 hours ago, FlatOverCrest said:

    It makes sense to me that they're not sharing anything about it until then. You can't be giving ideas to your competition while they (Kylotonn) currently still hold the license and are likely producing two more games.

    Hopefully they are looking in a carreer mode like this, slightly different then the other WRC games, but this can make the WRC games so much better! 



  2. On 6/1/2020 at 12:40 PM, Rallycameraman said:

    Well this is fairly substantial news! Absolutely overjoyed this has finally happened!

    Congrats to the Codies team past and present, that have made this happen


    Should it be time then to get this topic back up? 😉 

    Think there can be so much improvement in a carreer mode, specially if you can combine it with a F1 Carreer mode look a like. 

    What do you guys think? 😄 



  3. 2 hours ago, somethingthing said:

    Im surprised beta testers dont catch things like that. Same goes for other issues thats been noticed by the community just as soon as the patches/content comes out. And i dont know if i a car with a manual gearbox gets released as a sequential is a small thing.

    They do not get the change to test every version 😉 

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  4. 2 hours ago, mesa said:
    • Why no Bang-bang (ALS) exhaust sounds for Peugeot 206 WRC?

    • Where's the flames?

    @PJTierney As well why is the Peugeot 206 Rally car and Skoda Fabia Rally car not using the steering flipper gear shifting?,

    Beside that some cars (for example the VW golf IV kitcar)  has a modern digital speed dashboard,... i mean shouldnt this be authentic as the orginal kitcar and have the orginial digital speed dashboard? or am i asking to much in this case 😛  



  5. 1 hour ago, nasoduko said:

    today noticed that post ,and this is how the career should be ,

    but how do you feel that you gave them a great idea 5 years ago ,wrote all this,and still nothing ,,


    Well thats not totally true, there has been some action and i have been visiting the studio, aswell with some features has been used already. But still not the complete package as wrote down in here 😉 would love to work this carreer mode out!

  6. 20 minutes ago, gleylancer571 said:
    the best in season three are the cars the tracks are already known from Dirt Rally

    but wich Golf ? Golf Kit Car 3 ?


    I really hope it will be the VW Golf IV kitcar... 



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  7. 5 hours ago, Riggs said:

    I would instead develop the online multiplayer career mode to something like this, or at least something like GRID had in their multiplayer. Rather than just picking up a car from the list and race straight away. If people want to get to race on the top esports leagues they should go through a phase like in all other games that you have to level up and upgrade stuff (this time, buy the cars and race to buy stronger ones). It would extend the multiplayer lifespan a bit and at the same time people would be practicing.

    Thats indeed the mind set behind the idea 😉 

  8. 14 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Because that's how awesome Irish tarmac is! 😃

    Hope we get some onboard clips from Jon. 

    Irish rallystages are reallt cool! Specially the circuit of ireland! 😎

    hope to see those stages in DR2.0 or maybe i will drive them my self next year 😁

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  9. @KickUp, will the Hyundai be available for day one pre-order steam as well? Because I'll pre-order the game the day it get's into steam!

    And... the Dashboard on the Fiesta is still wrong :P

    indeed, I hope @kickup and the team will fix the dashboard of the Fiesta R5, I hope they will use the right speedo meter :)

  10. Benniz said:
    @KickUp - Surely it can't be too hard to license our lovely Knut? A 1999 Nissan Almera GTi? :wink:

    our my little french 206 RC lion, or the other one,.. the Japanese , English (Banbury) ex factory blue rally monster :D :wink: Both would love to join their brothers that are confirmed in 4 :D  

  11. Why is everyone hammering on and on about the licenses, it's complicated business that can't be talked about because it are private agreements between Codemasters and the manufacturers.
    We'll just have to wait and see what will be announced on (or before) June 6th.

    Totally agree with Devin! I think @KickUp and the team is already giving us so much information and details! Thank you for thats Codies! but most of all that u listen to our feedback!!

    Just keep it nice and steady, in other words support the team instead of trying to squeeze all the information out of them,... and it wont help the end result ( the game) getting better at all,.... ;-)

  12. Busterbvi said:
    Azoresst. I don't tweet but  is there any chance Dave Sullivan could look at my post on page 723 and comment on getting some good & loud engine sound reverb in outside views when the car is belting through the forest & hills ? I think it would be a great enhancement and add some soul to the whole experience.  Those that have enjoyed it it real life will know what I mean.
    I've never seen a rally in real life, but I've been at Spa-Francorchamps and remember noises echoing against the forest. I was playing DiRT Rally yesterday, and while watching a replay I think I did hear this effect when a car is a bit further from the camera, so the direct sound doesn't overpower the echoing sounds coming from the distance.

    Really @TURBODEVIN19 ? u just got your self free entry tickets for the ELE Rally in Eindhoven at 26 and 27 May 2017, mark that date and u will see some R5's WC's and ofc. my new rally car in action ;-)!!!!

  13. dgeesi0 said:
    hmmm and the project is..........                                                           

    probably interesting ( for us) :D *trolling*  :P

  14. dgeesi0 said:
    for the next game i would add at first the priority of missed things from this game. overall i would rate dirt rally 8.5/10.

    the only things that let it down are no real mp. this has to be a core feature in the next one and no real anticheat.

    the cheating for me really has to be sorted with real thought and progress. i dont see any real development over dirt rallys construction to stopping this. i get the priority and what must be sorted first but... when you got on literally every stage now and majority of top tens are cheats some stages top twenty ! on pc you do have to ask yourself how can this not be a priority.

    i dont think that will be solved this game even though some try but for any kind of progression it needs to be sorted. lock down any access to files sorry modders you hate that but when people are just doing what they want it is effecting the whole project.

    also the system for reporting cheats needs to be better. top ten guys around here are mostly around 1-3 secs on most tracks when flat out pushed for the top time.then you see some guy at top with 20 seconds lead. can you prove hes cheating .come on, its obvious.

    so for the next game get this sorted. please.
    And I think that they miss a proper career mode as i discribed earlier like:




    Thats what they mis, but hey! the simulation part was more important and i think they did an amazing job!
    Cant wait for a future titel! :D ( specially with these endless combinations indeed:
    1. Dynamic time of day
    2. Dynamic weather -> tire choice
    3. Terrain deformation & staggered starting position
    4. Stage length -> tire choice

  15. I am really stoked about the news of Evolution Studio earlier this week,

    Look at this post of mine,... i think there is a lot to gossip about !!

  16. With the good news that Codemasters added to people from Evolution Studios  to their team, we can dream about big things!

    Just a quick introduction what the team from Evolution Studios achieved:
    They made the games:
    2001: World Rally Championship
    2002: WRC II Extreme
    2003: WRC 3
    2004: WRC 4
    2005: WRC: Rally Evolved
    2014: Driveclub

    They are talented guys that love rally / motorsport!
    Just a small note about the last game the team made;

    Driveclub; The game's tracks and environments are inspired by real places in diverse regions across the globe, such as Norway and India.
    Driveclub features dynamic weather such as rain and snow, and a day-night cycle. Each rain drop has realistic behaviour.

    With that said, Codemasters added a lot of knowledge to their games!

    this: The WRC license of 2017 that combined with more real rallystage,… Dynamic weather, road deformation,…. That all in one Simulation game,…
    This with the Carreer mode I have mentioned before,… ( http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/43/idea-wrc-ultimate-rallyteam-explained/p1 )
    this must be godly…. And then the WRC license isnt a must! :o

    I can see myself already driving in the R2, R3 or R5 rally cars on real stages with Dynamic weather and ground deformation,….. in that case DiRT Rally is just the beginning of a new amazing rally serie!

    I cant wait what the plans are for the next rally game titel! :O #Excited!!! :# B)

    What do you think about this amazing news?

  17. teknoid85 said:
    i hope  next  rally game by codies get much better than this if possible :)

    track deformation  and   soft roadside banks   (real car weight over roadside banks)

    a better tarmac feeling

    a lot more locations

    that would be epic :)

    And some amazing R2, R3, R5's rally cars or more WRC rallycars ;-) That would be amazing!