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  1. tbtstt said:
    @tbtstt What would u like to see for a Rallycross game in this game mode?

    How much do you want me to write? Haha! I'll try to keep it brief...


    I would like to see the rallycross reflect a real life Championship(s). A full World/European Rallycross Championship would be perfect, or a National Championship (such as the British or Belgium Rallycross Championship).

    The Global Rallycross Championship would be a nice addition, but I would rather the focus of the rallycross be a "proper" rallycross Championship rather than the GRC.


    Probably my biggest wish for the rallycross is the use of real rallycross tracks only. DiRT 1 had them and I would like to see proper rallycross circuits again, preferably with "joker" lap options.

    I would like to see the racing reflect a proper rallycross weekend as closely as possible: so you have to do practise, qualifying, heats and finals, with the event presented in a similar fashion to the F1 games (and for those people who don't want to do the full weekend CM could include a "short weekend" option as they have in the F1 games.)


    I would like to see as many real-world rallycross cars, liveries and drivers included as possible, with the minimum fictional liveries. Some of the rallycross car stats seemed a bit skewed in DiRT 3, so having the game cars reflect thier real world counterparts as closely as possible would be great.

    I would love to hear all your wishes and ideas over here!! :D So share it with us!

    As u know , I am more in to rally, but I do love rallycross too!
    And yes I think the Joker lap is really important, but beside that , I think that the finals qualifications etc are also important, 

    The most important thing is that Codemasters should use the real rally and rallycross rules,  so real starts, officials, service after 3 stages, limited service time etc etc etc....  

  2. Prawn01 said:
    @Rallycamereman , I'm totally with you on the TV Style replays. Would be nice for taking screenshots and making videos for Youtube.
    @Prawn01 and @Rallycamereman , I have to agree with the replays, but I have to admit , I didn't used it often,,, I just watched in once and then I never use it again... I think personally that codies should more focus at the game modes and the game it self instead of the replay ;-)

  3. @JonTucker

    The Dutch tarmac roads are also amazing instead of the forest ;-) *hint hint*
    But I will come over to visit the Codies HQ and some nice rally this or next year for sure!
    Probably drive a nice forest rally with the Peugeot 206 RC in 2015 ;-)
    Because we have to change the budget a little bit after some affairs with tree's broken gearbox and engine problems  :D

  4. CarBoyCam said:
    With regards to gymkhana. Give us a playground again, but with more simulation handling it should make it much better to practice slides and precision driving. There wasn't much of a training purpose to the DC compound in DiRT 3.

    I have to agree with this, Perhaps a small playground area with some technical stage in it, or perhaps better create your own playground / test area?

    As for rallying, WRC teams usually have some test days before and after a rally, they use part of an official stage or a location where they can test different set-ups, for example in Spain they test for Mexico, in Finland they do a other gravel test. in france a tarmac test,

    In the CMR 05 game there where a few "mini" test games to upgrade your engine and stuff it was a kind of playground/ test track...
    Would love to see something like that again, to upgrade your rally car, or test a new set-up, tires, exhaust, dampers etc etc..,

    Same can be done for RX only they usually test on the same race tracks they race on, so that would be a lot easier.

    But some mini "test/upgrade" games at a small technical playground at different locations would be awesome!
    What do u think @tbtstt and @CarBoyCam ? 

  5. tbtstt said:

    Perhaps an acquired taste (and I'm biased because I'm a huge Solberg fan), but I'm a huge fan of the look of Petter Solberg's 2013 rallycross DS3:

    Would love to see it in the next CM game so I can attempt some Solberg-style corner entry!

    @tbtstt :-O I thought u would go for the Scooby! But this is an amazing choice!
    I am also a great Petter Solberg fan! ( And Petter and his son Oliver are great Codemasters fans (D3))
    Looking forward to follow him in the World Rallycross series this year! :D 

  6. I may not always have time to write responses but I will be watching the forum closely.



    I know this sound strange Paul, but we rather see u working instead of active at the forum
    ;) hehehe  :>  We are dieing for the new Codemasters Rally game!

    But so good to see you @RowdyBurms and @jonTucker at the forum! Also I hope to see u guys soon back ralling in the Scooby!
    PS. invitation for a Dutch rally is still open ;-)  Although I am trying to come over the UK asap to do a nice gravel rally!

  7. Couldn't vote for real life.... "gaming in a real rallycar" that's next gen right? :D O:-)
    nah we can do better than that :P
    Would love to see that!! it will save me a lot money for sure!! ...
    :-w  Really need the rewind button in real life when u are rallying at maximum attack! O:-) :D

  8. What is your favorite rally/race livery?

    I was wondering what rally/race livery u liked the most?
    Perhaps it can be used in a next rally/race game from Codemasters ;-)

    Hereby my top 3

    1) Mads Ostberg WRC 2012 livery

    My all time favourite! amazing livery! nice colours and good looking!  


    2) M-sport Ford Fiesta WRC 2014

    Looks fresh and is amazing!

    3) Ken Block 2013 Rally livery

    I am not a big fan of Ken Block, but I have to say his rally liveries are always amazing!

    These are amazing WRC liveries!
    Although this are all Ford Fiesta WRC's, still the Mitsubishi Lancer WRC 05 is my all time favourite WRC rallycar!

    Now I am wondering what is your favourite car and livery?

  9. JasonJack said:
    If only Codemaster would do this on the next game.

    I will play it all day long~

    Remaster Dirt 4!

    Glad you guys like the idea! Lets keep this rolling!

    I think the idea of building your own rally/ rallycross team is awesome! u can get dedicated to your own car brand or beloved rally car and compete with it online!
    Would love to make two Peugeot 207 S2000's and turn one in gravel spec and one in tarmac and compete with it in an ERC mode against other gamers!

    What kind off add-ons would u like to see to this idea?
    And what kind of rally/rallycars would you like to adjust/build?

  10. JasonJack said:
    Just totaly drop off the arcade thing and make it a simulation game just like Richard Burn Rally?

    I do agree with you, and as rally driver I would love to see that!
    But I think for most of the casual gamers this isn't interesting, I think the do like the challenge of a realistic and real rallying, but I think they want to start with just jump in and drive ( Like the game Forza?).

    I think the key in a new rally game is that people need to choose if they want full SIM or want to jump in?
    ofcourse a full sim will get more and better rewards etc 
    In fact one thing is really important to me about the SIM factor;

    And that's if its a jump in or sim game, the rules of the rally sport need to be accurate!
    For example:
    - Service after 2 or 3 stages
    - Rally takes 13-21 stages
    - A specific service time,
    - Accurate time penalties
    - Real Start ( not just a guy waving a green flag or so)

    etc.. etc..

    Do you guys agree?

  11. Welcome to the forum André!
    I think every one has mostly the same ideas and are on the same level,
    but my wishlist / idea for a new game mode is my biggest wishlist it is on my thread:

    Furthermore I think Codemasters did a great job on the rally cars in all the CMR and Dirt games!
    Just wondering so bad what they are planning/ making inside the Codies HQ!!!

  12. 3355_Finland-Citroen-Ostberg-2014_1_896x


    [A short paragraph on what the game is]

    The gamemode is a part of a Codemasters Rally/ Rallycross game.

    I have worked it our for the rally part, but u can do the same for the rallycross part!

    In the game mode you get the opportunity to manage / create / drive your own rally team.
    You start your online and offline career with a small low budget rallycar.
    The player can chose through upgrades on the car what class/division he will drive.

    Small example, If u start with a Peugeot 205 u can chose to follow the building rules from the Peugeot 205 cup to compete with the cup ( some parts are required on the car), or buy specific group A parts what means that u will drive in the Group A class (I will explain the classes later)

    In other words, the player get his own freedom to stay and go where he wants.

    By gaining money from sponsors (achieving sponsor goals) , trading rally parts and winning rallies, cups and championships (online and offline) the player can upgrade his rallycar and team.

    The idea is to create a big online in game competition. Where people can compete each other.
    You can split the big competition in a few categories:
    - Some different brand cups/challenge
    - National championship
    - European Championship
    - WRC
    (Fase1 the start) In my opinion the game should start with the Great Britain National Championship with 10 big rallies. In that case Codemasters can start focusing at one “competition”

    (Fase2 upgrade) Later Codemasters can add 11 other National championships ( with each championship having around 10 rallies). Where people can commit to for example a Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech, Romania , Sweden, Finland cup or National Championship. Each country got his own speciality

    (Fase3 goal) The ultimate goal is to create from the 12 national championships, 1 big European Championship with a rally from each country.
    In this competition only the best players will drive. With the best cars.

    In other words u need to get to the top and win the European championship.

    Why should we make this?:

    - Longer game/career mode experience = retain gamers longer at a Codemasters game
    - Gamers create a personal “character/ team” that they admire
    (What means people will easier invest small amount of money in it = more sales volume)
    - A new game mode what could put the options “offline and online” together
    - Difference from other rally/ racing games what makes it unique in its experience
    - A game/ gamemode where Codemasters can build on!

    Game Structure
    [This section would contain the following headers - What we need here is 3 or 4 bulletpoints for each header]


    - Feature cars from Group N, Group A, S1600, S2000 classes, Rally5(R1), Rally4(R2), Rally3, Rally2(R5) and Rally1(WRC)
    - It will be possible to upgrade some cars through the classes
    - The player can choose what class he will drive by up- or degrading the car specs
    - Rare cars from the WRC, Group B could also be made available

    - Engine parts and gearbox, ( for example to upgrade your engine)
    - Body parts ( front/ rear bumpers , doors, brakes, wheels )
    - Tires ( gravel, tarmac, snow in the compound soft, medium, hard)
    - It’s possible to upgrade your car with it, or trade the item with other players

    - Feature different Mechanics from amateur to professional.
    - The better the mechanic the faster he solves a problem or repaired stuff.
    - The player start with a regular mechanic team and can upgrade them
    - Mechanics are needed to service in rallies and upgrade your rally car

    Team Managers
    - Will arrange sponsor contracts for you
    - Keeps you up-to-date about the weather forecast in rallies
    - Gives you advice about what setup better is for each rally

    Co-drivers /Sponsors
    - Different co-drivers from amateur to professional
    - Sponsors will give you money and XP to grow in the game
    - The bigger the sponsor the more requirements needed to complete

    - Beginning at a small car (low budget cars)
    - Novice ( medium cup) small group A rally cars
    - National Group N and Group A rallycars
    - WRC/ best cars

    - The XP works in a different kind of way. It’s the amount of money u gained to let the gamer choose if he wants to go to another level ( new cup / new car).
    - By money and XP the player is able to buy new upgrades / spare parts so he can take more risks in the rally ( for the win) against other players online.
    - Will be earned by winning rallies, Cup and National championships ,achieving sponsor goals

    Core Mechanics
    [This section needs to explain the Core Mechanics of the game, first we need to refine a little what these are and how they work I've added some suggestions below as a starting point.]

    In Game Credits [How do we earn them? What can we spend them on?]
    - You earn your credits ( money and reputation) by signing deals with sponsors and winning/ achieving your goals in rallies. You can chose to spend the money on :
    • Your rally team ( Mechanics Team managers)
    • A Rally car
    • Upgrades for your Rallycar
    • Spare parts for your rallycar
    • Package with random parts/upgrade/cars/Team equipment etc.

    The reputation can be earned by:
    • Winning a National cup:
    Example after you compete in a cup ( against other drivers online) and u won the cup/ challenge over 7 different rallies ( Peugeot 208 cup in France for example) then u will be able to compete in some big events in a professional car, the car isn’t yours but this will give the gamer a change to get better sponsors/ reputation to get easier a better car or more money.

    Gold [Think of this as a premium currency like in mobile games that you need to purchase - What can we buy with these? What benifits does it have]
    - People can buy some small gold package with the change of parts/upgrade/cars/Team equipment from the best, it’s much cheaper than buying it apart, but u need luck for it.
    - People can buy Double XP cards from it
    - People can buy special parts / rallycars for it.

    Trading [How does this work? What can players trade? Why should somebody use it?]
    - Since every player makes their own decisions what car/ in what class he/she will drive

    And finally....

    Stretch Goals
    [This is a short list of the things you like the game to have if time and money allow it - as a loose rule these strecth goals may not all happen so don't put anything in this section you would really like to keep and again keep it short and simple with a header and a few bullet points.]

    - Dynamic Weather system option ( what will make the rally stages more unpredictable = more challenge + tactic)
    - Dynamic rally/ rallycross stages. ( for example if u start as number 1 one the stage the stage is clean, if u start as number 28 then u should see all the racing lines, slippery corners if they are cut. And for example crashed/ destroyed objects

    - Livery create option to create your own rallycar design
    - An option to buy official liveries from for WRC teams or top drivers.
    - An option to test/ set-up your rallycar under different conditions
    - An option to build your own rallycar in the open division, with less restricted rules.

    - An option to write your own pacenote system and use that in game
    - And option to adjust the original pacenotes






    WRC Ultimate Team explained

    Ultimate Team is a mode where you build your rally team using any rallycar from all the championship to play offline and online. There are tournaments where you play to win cups or Championships.
    Codemasters have set tournaments (Rally event or Championship) which are always available and they also add new tournaments during the month with different entry criteria. More on the detail of that later. Then there are seasons where you play in 5 divisions starting in Div 5 ( R2 class) trying to work your way up to the WRC, against other players online! ( A large rally championship for online and offline)



    WRC Ultimate Team; Rallycars/ Parts / Mechanics / Team Managers / Co-drivers /Sponsors

    All the Rallycars/ Parts / Mechanics / Team Managers / Co-drivers /Sponsors in the WRC Ultimate team game are split into three categories.
    There are;
    Bronze parts and cars rated up to 65,
    ( For example Bronze 65: Gravel Tires; Hankook) or Bronze 60: Rallycar: Peugeot 208 R2
    Silver parts and cars rated up to 75
    ( For example Silver 70: Gravel Tires; D-Mack or Silver 75: Gravel Tires BF Goodrich)
    or Silver 75: Rallycar: Ford Fiesta S2000
    Gold parts and cars rated 75 to 99.
    ( For example Gold 86: Gravel Tires; Michelin)
    or Gold 90: Rallycar Citroen DS3 WRC or Gold 95: Rallycar: Peugeot 205 T16

    These generally reflect their ability in real life and the price reflects their popularity within the game.
    You can create a rallyteam mixing any of them but some competitions offline and online might have to meet certain requirements, ( for example u cannot drive national championships or WRC championships with a Group B rally car, only historic events)
    Each category is further broken down into Normal, Rare and In Form.
    One of each for bronze, silver and gold. Normal is a standard card, rare means it is just that and more valuable
    ( For example a Group B rally car, or the spareparts for it, think about gearbox, engines, wishbones, bodyparts).

    Every week in real rallylife some rallycars are outstanding (after upgrades or good performance)
    Ultimate team on WRC recognises this and creates new versions of the parts or rallycars with increased better stats. These are called In Form cards and become available to buy and are inside packs during each week.
    For example if Ford claimed a 1,2,3 at a WRC event team leader Matthew Wilson will give a boost to get more money from an event if u win.
    Codemasters announce when the cars or parts of the week are available and we let people know on Social media. Easily recognisable as they have black backgrounds and shiny too. Bronze outline, silver outline and gold outline so you can tell which they represent.

    Start of the WRC Ultimate Team

    Everyone starts off with a team of bronze rallycar (Rally5 or Rally4 class or local), spare parts and a small service team and maybe a silver part of Mechanic or two if lucky.

    If you have played a Codemasters rally game before you get free packs when you start a new version of WRC Ultimate team. Also there is a web app which starts a couple of weeks before the console release. On there you receive daily gifts which are just small packs. You might get lucky in any of those packs and pull out a Ford Fiesta R5. Usually the packs will be rubbish though (spare parts like bodyparts, tires).
    Look at your rally team squad screen and you will see the Mechanics, team leader in your squad and a square with specifications and speciality. This stands for their skills.
    If the box is bright green it means the mechanics is able to handle the rallycar you have picked for your team (which you can change by schooling your mechanics). If it is dark green the player is close to that Rallycar and is skilled and quite happy working on it.
    The better your team is the faster they can change tires or repair damage in the service area.
    What can be an advantageous if u drive flat out!

    At the cards you can also notice more information. CON,REB, FIT, MOR and CHM stand for Contract, Rebuild Fitness, Morale and Chemistry. You will also notice scrolling their brand, Country they are from, Teams they worked for and the championships the rallyteam is in. All of this determines the chemistry which shows to the right of the screen and is rated out of 100.

    Beside the Mechanics, your rally car has the same setup, but this in combination with car brand, tires, suspension, brakes and bodyparts.

    Trading in WRC Ultimate Team

    First thing to note when you sell any car, mechanic or part on Ultimate Team 5% tax is removed from the sale. So if you sell a 2000 coin spare part you get 1800 coins. 200 coins is taken away as the 5% tax.
    You can buy and sell your car, mechanic or spare part in the trading area or you can go to the store and buy packs. These can be bought with virtual coins you make in the game. You can buy packs using Microsoft points also which of course you can pay for with real money.


    Chemistry in WRC Ultimate Team

    So why is chemistry important in WRC Ultimate team?
    So you have to build a team and have mechanics, rallycar, and parts in the right positions working with mechanics from their original team, brand or country to give them better chemistry.

    When you play a WRC Ultimate team game the chemistry helps your mechanics, car to perform better, faster service and generally drive better. You will notice your team manager to the right also adds to this chemistry, if he is the same nationality as a player that gives better chemistry. He will get u easier in a higher rally event or you will get a better reward after joining an event.

    Contract, Rebuilds, fitness and morale

    U need to keep your team (Mechanics) together so u need to contract them.

    The rallycar needs maintenance (rebuilds) so they can drive rally events.
    Default is 8 but you can add rallies which you can buy in the trade area.
    Every time a rallycar drives a rally they go down by 1 maintenance ( for example the gearbox, engine etc.)
    It will reduce retiring and less performance.

    Fitness is gained by resting and lost by playing. Generally a mechanic/co-driver with 80 or lower fitness will be much slower in the game. You can buy fitness cards to add to individual players or to the entire squad.

    Morale also affects their ability to sponsors, mechanics and team leader. If you win morale goes up, lose and it goes down. The rally you drive can also help increase morale so look out for +8 rally in the trade area. If you buy a new rally you have an option to “Make it active”. Same for sponsor and team outfit which you can buy for your rallyteam or indeed sell.
    Of course it is a little bit management, but the main goal is to compete in the rallies by your own, so u have to handle a team, and drive the championships to keep progress!

    As i already said in an other post, u can expend it as much as u want, for example if u have 4 car slots u can build 1 Ford Fiesta Rally4 gravel spec and one Ford Fiesta Rally4 tarmac spec!

    I forgot to add an option to test you cars and set up all kind of stuff , but this is just a little bit "out of the box thinking" because i notice if its rally or grid or Formule 1 or DTM , many people get bored by doing just a championship mode and keep racing ( not the hardcore fans but the normal people) and i think u need to keep connecting to that group of normal gamers by something like this so they keep playing and want to improve their team to get to the WRC cars and stuff.

    Beside that u don’t have to know all the stuff about rallying because simple everyone knows that gold is better than bronze, so everyone will go for the best! so what do you guys think about it?
    Well the main goal should be that u can create and drive a rally/rallyteam, if u want to stay at the Rally2 (R5) class or want to be dedicated to a Ford escort MK2 then that should not be a problem in my opinion. I think that makes the game mode more challenging, to create a good Rally4(R2) or Rally2(R5) or Escort MK2 rallycar with the good setup specs (upgrades) and create a super setting to beat the WRC rally cars!

    About the sponsor part, I do like that idea, my opinion is that a game should not be that easy as Showdown or Dirt2/3 i think it has to be a little more challenging But I don’t know what the other gamers want.
    I rather want to wait longer and pay more for a game ( like Forza) what takes long to complete and is challenging in every aspect then buy a for example not that long game ( sorry to say for example Dirt 2 or 3).
    In this aspect I am talking about the championship modes, the setup options from your car, the upgrades the management etc etc ... it was to easy to much plug in and play what I didn’t liked, perhaps that was also something what made RBR good.... setup options where huge! and it was hard to control the rallycar at full speed at the beginning ( as in real)

    only I think not everyone knew what to do.... ( PS Dirt Rally 2.0 showed very good what it did with the car if u changed the tires or what happened if the suspension went softer)

    About all the team livery cars, clothing helmets gloves overall etc, i think we go in that case a little bit too far away from the racing part of the game, I do like it buy I think 60% of the people don’t really care about it, i think the developing time of that ,Codemasters should use for other stuff , but again that’s my opinion
    “And sponsors?
    Are you buying them or get them for free after each rally? here I would like some work as team managment do some "work" to get good sponsors, like do some good intervenes in media, social feeds or talking with sponsors yourself so you not only needs to be in 1th place in an event and you easy get a pack of sponsors. Would love to "work" for it so nothing for the team comes easy.

    Would even be great with this team/career mode to have as we wished for and option to create our own team livery on cars, team clothing and driver clothes like helmet, gloves, overall and so on...”
    I think i should add this to my topic:

    I think that Codemasters should make a rally game from the point of vieuw from a rally driver. ( As they did in the F1 2020 game career)

    but I want to take it a step further, I think they should make a game where you can buy a car and create that as your "character" for the online and offline game.

    U have to maintaince the rally car, drive it, take care of spare parts, tune it , create your livery , get tires, create setups. and earn money to develop your car.

    The focus from the game is in that case more at your own "project" then just winning and driving a championship.

    Ofcourse u will still drive a championship and stuff online and offline, but u do that with a reason... to win/ get money to develop your car. At the beginning u have to take it easy. because u can’t afford to explode your engine or crash out! because you don’t have the money for spare parts or a second rallycar body with rollcage.

    You can make your rallycar ( character) as personal as u want it by creating a livery etc. i think that would be great online and offline to keep the Codemasters fans playing the rally game
    As you can see there are short stages from 5,74 km, 4.55 km and 7.95 km
    Normal stages from: 10.66 km , 16.73 km, 19.93 km
    and long stages 34,34 km and 28.48 km !!
    U have to put tactic in the game where to go flat out, and where u have to save tires, ( and perhaps fuel) to go maximum attack at the long stages for example

    I think the best option to build these are the same as Dirt 3 stages are build, just build the map as u see in the picture and create the stages