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  1. tbtstt said:
    JZStudios said:
    On a side note, I just went back to the first page, and @tbtstt has been waiting FOR 2 YEARS! HOLY CRAP!
    Don't worry tbtstt, it'll happen. Seriously, can we just give this guy a break and send him a copy?

    Haha, I appreciate the continuing thoughts @JZStudios! I actually visited Codemasters back in October 2014, so I played the game (in it's pre-release form) 17 months ago. 

    Still the good news today, is that 517 days after my first (and only) proper play of the game, it's just 7 days until release, hurrah! 

    @tbtstt perhaps you can return ur PS4 and cancel DiRT Rally, and save your money for this auction:


    :P Just kidding ofc! Just go for DiRT rally its awesome! :D

  2. gfRally said:
    Another Mitsubishi would be nice, but I would only accept the 2005 model with the storage [EDIT: STRANGE] wing setup.  I know newer ones had some legendary drivers but I like to see different cars that are not normally in rally games, like the Saab but both might be a pipe dream 

    I think I bothered @kickup a littttleeee bit to much with it the last 5 years xD
    So I think we can rule out this amazing car. Sadly, would have love seeing that car in DiRT rally with the italian flag and Gigi(gigidididi **) Galli name on the rear windows

    ** Family guy reference Quagmire

  3. PaloSamo said:
    Elfyn Evans, partnered by a new co-driver Craig Perry, will compete in a full British Rally Championship campaign in a Ford Fiesta R5 backed by DMACK.
    I'm still mad at Malcom Wilson for replacing him with Eric Camilli.

    Its all about money,.... but i prefere to see Ostberg and Camilli and M-Sport doing a full WRC program, then Evans and Tanak do a half WRC program, really crossing my fingers that M-Sport will do a good job this WRC year! its important to have many manufacturers in the WRC!

  4. Hmm what i do notice every where, and also in the gossip thread,
    Is that everyone wants new rallystages or rallycars etc, but no one is mentioning Pike Peak cars tracks or More Rallycross cars/ tracks, its more focused on the Rally part.

    Isnt it a good idea in that case to drop Pike Peak and concentrate on just Rally and Rallycross?
    In that case u can add more RX championship circuits, more rallies. = Win, Win for everyone

    Dont get me wrong, Pike peak is legendary, but to be honest, not that wanted as Rally or Rallycross these days.

  5. dgeesi0 said:
    Paul said it had been 'approved' - I don't see surface deformation as something that has to be approved from elsewhere, more something they may have looked into and decided whether it is possible or not
    yes no way the deformation road idea is being implemented would take months to make and test. too late in day for that.

    Unless they secretly started with it at the begininng and prepared / implement it already in DiRT Rally ;-)
    Just saying O:-)

  6. OzoreXS said:
    gfRally said:
    Different from before @ThierryNeuville we now know there is a future for Rally Sims at Codies !! Finally

    :-) Totally agree @gfrally , hopefully they will pick up the Ultimate team idea, in my eyes i think there still is some work to do at the championship mode to keep the game challenging ( beside the challenging and sim stages / behaviour)
    Really hope that they will pick this up again :(
    Send them around 300k € and a box of cookies. Powerful arguments are powerful

    U cant bribe them with cookies or gifts ;-) Ask @Hatward , @kickup @mrjamielowes  
    But i guess money would help a lot! xD

  7. gfRally said:
    Different from before @ThierryNeuville we now know there is a future for Rally Sims at Codies !! Finally

    :-) Totally agree @gfrally , hopefully they will pick up the Ultimate team idea, in my eyes i think there still is some work to do at the championship mode to keep the game challenging ( beside the challenging and sim stages / behaviour)
    Really hope that they will pick this up again :(

  8. Hoping for a french dlc pack with the two Renault and maybe the Peugeot 206 and 307?  ;)
    :D Would love to see a Peugeot 206 RC (GTI 180) o:)
    although the Subaru Impreza N10 / N12 would also be welcome in the group N pack o:)

    ofc. the WRC cars would be cool too :P but would love to compare those cars to the real cars xD
    *zipps mouth* not telling what i am doing.

  9. Instead of Safari rally I would rather see WRC Rally:

    - RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada ( WIth Gravel and tarmac)
    - LOTOS 73rd Rally Poland
    - Vodafone Rally de Portugal
    - Rally Italia Sardegna


    - Brother Rally New Zealand.

    Safari rally would only intresting if you got stages from 30min +
    But so on, then in that case Dakar rally would be intresting too....

    Better focus on the beautiful WRC rallies, but thats my opinion.

  10. I'd love to disable racenet when upgrading cars. Why? So people on Steam stops going like "HURRRRRR I BEAT YOUR TIME WITH TEN SECONDS HERE LOL" well .. yeah.

    Lol i am not even near your or @Rallycameraman 's time,...
    Really starting to wonder what you guys will do when you are competing in a real rally event with my rallycar,... or perhaps wondering if it will get out of the rally event without a scratch ( or crash) xD

  11. 789ifyz said:
    I had suspected the i20 would be in the game a long time ago, since @ThierryNeuville is a fan of DiRT and would likely be more than willing to lend one, but a driver alone being willing to lend a car isn't enough, and I figured that if it didn't appear in Modern Masters, it would mean Hyundai refused to allow their car to be shown or it required permission from WRC since the car is currently competing...

    Now, though, it seems more likely that it may actually be featured. I suspect the i20 and the 2015 Impreza that was teased ages ago will be in the Winter Wonderland update, perhaps alongside the Renaults that accidentally got released with the unfinished Tarmac Terrors update, and perhaps another more modern one.

    What do people think of achievements for Winter Wonderland? Do you reckon there may be something for beating a certain distance/air-time at Colin's Crest? Somehow that's what interests me most about the upcoming update.
    Indeed i am not Thierry Neuville,but there is another official Hyundai WRC driver that is a fan of DiRT rally and also went to Southam for a visit already ;-) 

  12. Areyouben said:
    Well the i20 surely isn't the only car we get in the final pack. :smile: I have been hoping for the 307 and this cutie pie, such a unique sound!


    And I know a certain someone who'd love to see this one in as well.

    Lol I think @kickup is aware of this one o:) I think i have spammed this car from the beginning of 2005? :D
    Already on the old forum lol.

    Funny fact, rallymediaNL is also playing DiRT Rally and he isnt that bad ;-) you can ask @rallycameraman for that xD

  13. @KickUp , @Hatward , @MrJamieLowes and  everyone from the Codemasters team, just ignore all the car list comments ,... they are not important yet ( as long as there are no license)
    You guys do a very good job, with the cars and stuff you already made!!
    The most important thing for an authentic simulator is that the fundamental is good, ( Stages, physics and handeling)
    If thats good then u can build from there on to the future! ( and you guys are really on the right road ! The only way up!)
    We are pleased by the way you guys make this DiRT Rally game and we want this also in the future! 

    I mean i dont want to go back and compare to RBR again, but they had less cars, less awesome stages etc!

    Keep working hard and keep it up! you guys are making history! and I just have no words how much I respect that you guys started to make an authentic rally game! really + points! Love you guyss!!

  14. KevM said:
    N4 no doubt...                                                                                                 

    No the N4 doesn't have a big wing like that, this is the S14 WRC,

    s14 wrc has a different bumbers, bonnet and shape. It's R4.

    No its the WRC version,
    To be 100% correctly its the Rallyteam USA Subaru:

    Its based on the Suabru Impreza N14 WRC, but since they drive in open class in the USA its modified. ( thats why it has an other bumper.

    Its deffently not an N14 R4,
    This is for example an N14 R4 , totally diffrent!

  15. R4? To be honest I'm actually a little bit dissapointed. Are there other cars in R4 than the impreza and lancer IX and X? Or am i too jaded of playing those bad WRC games which only had those 3 cars. Please prove me wrong.

    If R4 is confirmed I think we can assume that there will be also an R1,R2,R3 and perhaps R5 class :D thats positive news!