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  1. tbtstt said:
    "At least two" cars from 2001 is pretty awesome to read! So great to see the biggest void (in my personal opinion) from the DiRT 3 car list being filled.

    So potentially, that means two (or more) of the following: 

    Ford Focus RS WRC
    Hyundai Accent WRC
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo WRC
    Peugeot 206 WRC
    Seat Cordoba WRC
    Skoda Octavia WRC
    Subaru Impreza S7 WRC

    Really hoping for the Focus RS WRC 2001 althrough the I prefere the 2002 livery !
    Would be amazing if it will be the Subaru Impreza S7 WRC From Burns,

    Small notification, Burns Won in 2001 the WRC while McRae was the runner up that year! 2 British legends!

    But with the amount of Peugeot in the game, i do feel some where that we are gona get a Gronholm 206 WRC ( what is also really cool) ,... all the cars from the 2001 WRC championship are just amazing xD

  2. It would be really ironic if the Subaru Impreza WRC '99  from Richard Burns will be in the game ( refering to Richard Burns Rally) 
    If it comes out with the Ford Focus from Colin McRae rally 2 and 3 that would be really awesome!

    It will bring 2 legends in rally and in rallygames together in the awesome rallygame ever....
    Both are gone,... but will never NEVER! be forgotten,...

  3. tbtstt said:

    Managed to blag a passenger ride in Gary Hewitt's 6R4 and also this...

    ...it was only a few laps, but I'm still buzzing from it now!

    Our relationship is over.

    That sounds fantastic - I'm very jealous! How cool would it have been if you could boot up your PC and keep buzzing for longer by playing DiRT Rally RX? :D :D   (sorry for taking a dig, but I'm too jealous :tongue: )

    @gentlenameMvB Come over to the Netherlands ;-) We got two of the orginal RS200 here including a orginal 6R4, orginal Tommy Makinnen Evo 6,5 and other amazing orginial rallycars all in one place ;-)

  4. Well, now the RX pack is out we got already a little bit of a new DiRTy gossip :smile:

    @jontucker was sending @hatward something on twitter,...


    Infact what Jon was sending was this:


    Now we all know Codemasters is already working on the Finland Rally update,... with some classic cars,

    Could it be that the Mitsubishi lancer EVO 3/4/5/6,5 from Tommi Makinen is in that Patch? *gossipsss* #MaximumAttack

  5. function9 said:
    Even if you were a Peugeot fanboy, how could one seriously consider the 307 as legendary? The only thing legendary about that is the amount of times the gearbox or power steering failed. Gronholm probably still wakes up some nights in a cold sweat because of that car.
    Okey,... I do drive Peugeot rallycars in real life but still i have to agree the 307 WRC isnt that legendary as for example the 205 T16 or the 206 WRC, etc etc,.. overall Peugeot made many good rallycars! ( look at the 106,206,306 maxi 

    But Marcus Gronholm had some amazing quotes in the Peugeot 307 WRC, that made the 307 i guess legendary:


    Although those lines from Gronhol are also legendary;


  6. JackKey said:
    DiRT Showdown 2?
    Gameware lists Showdown 2 for 2015

    Not a chance. I'd love to know why people make stuff like this up.

    @justbiglee because gossip ;-) xD
    But I really dont like that people put stuff like that into the world.

  7. I'll be honest; I absolutely detest this idea. This 'ultimate team' rubbish has put me off football games completely, as it seems to have become an all encompassing focus.

    To me, current DR career mode already has too much RPG element to it. This hiring of engineers and crew to run your Peugeot 205 T16 is daft IMO; if there needs to be a 'career', I believe it should be split into teams and contracts. I like the idea of teams having different personnel and different attributes, even different specification of cars but that should be assigned for you to work with, by a team manager.

    You are free to give your point of view @RodgerDavies ;-) I can imagine what you think, but i do think that its important to give a more character feeling to your car, instead of just driving, because els you get what @Rallycameraman already have, he loves the game and loves to play it, but he didnt really missed it because its just driving. ( if i am correct luke) an feature like this will get you more into the car, and it will make your car your character, you wont swap in that case ealy in a carreer mode to an other car, because you want to master the car in every aspect. How would you like to see an career mode ? Just driving?  

    The cars we're talking about in game are not ones that you go into a shop and choose better components for; they're recreations of legendary works cars, for the most part. Moreover, if you look at the modern cars (R2, R3, R5), they're like GT3 regulations. You CANNOT upgrade them, as per the rules.

    I like some of your comments about itineraries and the like in the suggestions forum, but I hope not to see an RPG mode like this implemented over a more stripped back, driver-focused one.

    About the upgrades I was more thinking about maintenance parts, for example tires that got wear, or brake pats, or engine parts that wear, or a gearbox that broke down, so you have to buy the parts to keep your car in top condition. And in diffent specs for example Tarmac and Gravel got some diffrent kind of parts on it, Looking at my Peugeot 206 RC rallycar , there are diffrent kind of dampers for gravel or tarmac, Tarmac got bigger rims 17"gravel got smaller 15" with the size of the rims you cant have the big brakes on it, so gravel spec got smaller brakes etc etc.

    But as we speak about the upgrades, i will take an example the R3 cars do have upgrades,
    I am very close related to a team that drove an fabrics Renault Clio S1600, and Renault Clio R3 ( doesnt mather if its Renault or M-Sport for this example) The factory release some updates for a R3 car, new ECU mappings, or new driveshafts etc etc, I know that the Clio R3 had several fabric updates for the latest spec each year. So you do can upgrade the R2, R3, R5 cars.

    I do agree with you that the Group B cars normally are fully upgrade although, for example the Peugeot 205 T16 got deliverd with diffrent packs, whith diffrent kind of HP, so there are diffrent Group B cars upgrades availible, there are no Group B cars that are exact the same. just quick look at todays WRC.

    For example the Hyundai WRC, got diffrent upgrades too, the car Neuville drives is an diffrent car then what Paddon and Abbring drives, just a quick example, look at the gear shifter, engine power , totally diffrent.

    That are developments upgrades, u can imagion that Audi didnt stood still in the Group B time, Look at the diffrent types or also known as evolutions from the Quatro. 

  8. I made a comparison with DR, DiRT 1 and RBR about the total unique road lenght, this comparison covers only the Rally discipline btw.
    (All stages from these games are real roads)
    I can already see that at the end of the early access we`ll barelly scratch CMR DiRT`s total stage lenght and will not even come close to RBR`s unfortunately... :/

    EDIT - RBR total is 181.5 km, not what is in the image, i probably counted one of the rallies twice lol

    @OttoWilson nice research, only think u have to remember is that u have to count the 2 stages that still has to come: Flying Finland and Winterwonder land, lets say both are also 20 km +/- then u got around the 120km total in DiRT Rally , close to CMR DiRT,
    Not to forget its not fair to compare, to RBR, Because DiRT Rally and CMR DiRT got also Pikepeak and Rallycross ( Only DiRT Rally) That are also stage km.

    I do hope that there will be new stages added later on the rallies we got now, ( for example the wineyards stages in the Germany rally)

  9. bogani said:

    I agree mostly what you say about the brakes. However, sometimes I feel it should be a bit more hairy stopping a car from 100mph to take a hairpin on gravel. Easier to lock up, the car's could squirm a bit more.

    I hate to bring up RBR, but in the rally school stage there is a perfect example. You come from a fast flowing left to a straight, slightly downhill and having to brake for a square left. You really have to be careful on the brakes not locking up but at the same time you need to slow down the car quite heavy.

    Wasn't that a squre right? ;-) and I agree with you @bogani but again, in real life there are so many things that will cause the handling/behavior of the rallycar, Temp. of the tires, gravel in the rims gravel on the tarmac, etc etc. There are just to many things to watch, anyway Codies do a great job! :D

  10. gfRally said:
    gfRally said:
    Proof, if it was needed, of just how good competition brakes are. 
    Funny how people judge physics and never have driven a rally car.  Not that many of us have, but if we are driving in game a certain way and they are getting too much grip or brakes work too well, maybe they are doing it wrong.  
    Maybe they think the brakes are too good because they're not going fast enough, hence the shorter stopping distances?

    And thats why i would love to see a Tripmaster in the DiRT Rally game @Kickup my codriver use it very often to inform me how many meters are left to the next corner / pacenotes,
    I know how many meters i need to brake under diffrent circumstances ( rain, dry, gravel, tarmac, dirt etc etc)

    To be honest, at the moment i am driving for 85/90% at my pacenotes/ tripmaster when i am rallying, and 10/ 15% at sight, but that are unique situations.

    Did u have a tripmaster in your Subaru @Jontucker ?
    So when are you and Paul coming over the the Netherlands or Belgium to join a rally with my Belgium codriver, the Abbring family and me? :D You got also an invitation just to come over and watch us ;-)

  11. :O The maps of the WRC Rally: ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2015 are revealed.


    Wondering how accurate the Panzerplatte stage is compare to DiRT Rally,

    But first WRC round of Finalnd! Will we se Codemasters over there to? With the making of Flying Finland in progress? gossipssss :P

  12. tbtstt said:

    cmsoundfx said:
    tbtstt said:
    Boooom first screenshots of Holjes with plenty of Monster branding! But can't see any FIA World RX logos

    Temptation to go to PC World after work, buy a new PC and download DiRT Rally: HIGH.


    @tbtstt I would never want to interfere with your purchasing decisions, but DO IT! 

    It would be awesome to punt you off in the first corner ;]

    But not PC world... try scan!
    I can't wait wait for home delivery @cmsoundfx : I need a PC, now I tell you! :smiley: 
    Guess i need a new PC or gaming laptop too
    I droped my laptop and now its broken... :(
    no more DiRT :(
    now i need new rally suspensions on te rallycar
    new gopro
    new PC and G27,...

  13. tbtstt said:
    Boooom first screenshots of Holjes with plenty of Monster branding! But can't see any FIA World RX logos

    Temptation to go to PC World after work, buy a new PC and download DiRT Rally: HIGH.


    @tbtstt I would never want to interfere with your purchasing decisions, but DO IT!

    It would be awesome to punt you off in the first corner ;]

    Hehehe @tbtstt I want also revange at RX against u Steve! I mean the time that we battled online in D3 wasnt fair ;-) xD 

  14. Accoding to the timeline there will be two RX updates: Pack and Expansion. Where did we get the info that 3 tracks will be released? Was it confirmed on DiRTy Show?

    In the timeline there is at July 2015:
    Rallycross pack
    Rallycross comes to DiRT Rally with two brand new circuits, a pack of rallycross super cars, a brand new single player career and of course fresh Online Events
    In the timeline there is at August 2015
    Rallycross Expansion
    Launching alongside the PVP Pack we’re also adding new cars and a new Rallycross circuit to the DiRT Rally roster

    As @ThierryNeuville pointed out the Rally events in DR provide much more event duration and once the EAccess is over the 6 locations with 2 long environments each will make up the bulk of DR.

    As to the idea for discipline packs: personally I would welcome a DiRT World RX as an add-on to DiRT Rally if it had all the tracks and at least RX Lites as support category for career progression.

    That's just my view - I guess Codies will be able to gauge interest in RX content once they release it and read feedback on the announcement (surely it's likely to happen soon).

    I would like to see a DiRT World RX as an add- on too i think it will give more value to the game.
    Looking forward for the information next week from the trip to Holjes by @kickup and @justbiglee :D