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  1. gfRally said:


    I knew about the Impreza GR, but I don't think its competing in any of the WRX rounds (ironic because WRX moniker), besides I am not really holding out much hope for many Subarus being licensed if maybe 1 more.  


    As cool as it would be and the relationship they are building between Codies and IMG/FIA.  Adding all 12 rounds would change the Title to DiRT Rallycross by numbers alone (rally events vs rallycross events) and that would upset a lot of people here.  I would be a bit disappointed myself as much as I am starting to like RX and playing it side by side with you guys, my heart is always in stage rally.

    I have been wondering lately if DiRT Rally is very much a BIG experiment, yea yea obvious EA it is, but could DR be laying the foundations for other spin off titles?  Maybe they are trying to prove to Codies that DiRT is still a profitable brand and there is still interest in a proper rally simulation.

    I say this because of all the reused licensing (all cars thus far have been used previously), reusing an older EGO engine,  obviously testing EA for the first time, etc.   NOT THAT I AM DISAPPOINTED!  I like almost everything we have in the title.  I feel this way because of so much emphisis has been put into the Physics modeling and figuring out what works and doesn't with different locations.  This is just my gut feeling, take this all with a grain of salt.  

    I totally agree with u @gfrally only i do think "if" Codemasters get the licensing and if they have to create the 12 tracks, i do think that there is a must to create more then 6 rallies.

    But u also have to remind, that Rallycross is a quiet fast gameplay, I mean this is how a rallycross weekend will look like:
    Each race is four laps (six in semis & final) including a Joker lap. The full event takes part over two days.
    - 1 a 3 rounds free practice ( Shakedown)
    - 4 heats ( total is 16 laps) ( 5 rallycross cars each heat)
    - 2 semi finals ( total is 12 laps) ( 6 rallycross cars each heat)
    - 1 Final ( total is 6 laps) ( 6 rallycross cars each heat)

    The track lenght is +/- 1 km that means u will drive around 37 laps = 37 km distance each event. 
    Thats compare to an rally event almost nothing.

    I think now at elite level u got around 100 km stage each rally, that makes soon when everything is done (6 rallies in total) 600 km stage km  compare to 444km rallycross stage km ( 12 rounds)

    I think in that case its not out numbering rally or so, beside that, developing a circuit is much easier then developing a rally stage ;-) in my opinion.

    Still I think that the best way for Codemasters to handle this situation is:
    Standard Pack: DiRT Rally ( Like now, little bit hillclimb, little bit rallycross, little bit rally)

    And if u want u can buy DiRT add-on packs like , FIA World Rallycross , Paris-Dakar, ERC Rally Championship, Hillclimb,
    If there is a lot of intrest in the add on.

  2. tbtstt said:
    gfRally said:
    interesting thoughts on possible cars:

    VW Beetle RX 
    Audi S1 RX
    Ford Fiesta (a given)
    Citroen DS3
    VW Polo

    Does a FIA license blanket cover the cars too?  Or just Tracks?  

    I would hope its the full package: tracks, cars, sponsors etc. I guess we will have to wait until release day until we know for sure though!

    The core cars that immediately spring to mind (to me anyway) as essential for a World Rallycross add on are:
    Citroen DS3 4x4 T16
    Ford Fiesta 4x4 T16
    Volkswagen Polo 4x4 T16
    Peugeot 208 4x4 T16
    Audi S1 4x4 T16

    This weekend will be the first time a Beetle supercar (or rather a modern Beetle supercar) has been used in Europe so it may not be a priority? Be cool if it was in game, though if we are talking about just one VW I personally much prefer the Polo. 

    Thinking about the cars that Codemasters have modeled in the past, there is the MINI Countryman and Evo X. The JRM MINI's have appeared at several World rounds already, so perhaps they might make the cut? 

    The Isachsen Impreza GR was built to meet World Rallycross specification (Sverre drove it at the Canadian World Rallycross round last year) and, as far as I'm aware, both of the new Impreza GJ rallycross cars (the VT15x) are compliant with World specification, so perhaps they could be potential cars as well? No idea if CM have got any data on the GJ Impreza though. 

    If they do include the Audi S1, then the Audi A1 isn't radically different, so perhaps a few tweak to the model and the Larsson A1 could be in game too.

    I am more thinking of , if Codemasters get the World Rallycross license, then they still have to make 9 rallycross tracks, (3 announced already, and the calender got 12 rounds)

    So i doubt if they will get the full license ( because they will have to make 9 more tracks) ,.. that means they wont get all cars i guess.
    Lets hope that its nonsense what i made up, because i would love to see 12 rallycross tracks and 6 big rallies ( althrough i love to see 8 or 10 rallies in total)

    Rallycross and rally are very close related to each other, they are like brothers, I think many people underestimate that and many rallydrivers did some rallycross events, even the manufactures !

    I think if Codemasters concentrate with DiRT Rally at Rally and rallycross ( and hillclimb) they make a very very good move.
    Rally is fun and i love it! But i can understand that some people who love to drive sometimes a rally also would like to have some close contact ralling sometimes, and this can be done in rallycross!
    Rally and rallycross is just brutal!

  3. Let's see "moving mountains" and "cliff"... something in that perhaps?

    @gfrally @Rallycameraman ,... what place are mountains? ,... Scandinavia,.. what is next week?,... World RX of Sweden ,.... what was in @justbiglee 's DiRTy book ,... something with a trip aranging a trip to the Höljes hmmm I think this is suspicious, what would Lee have arranged with a rallycross trip in Sweden,... would it be something with Petter Solberg? :O after all he lives close to Sweden and Höljes is close to the boundary of Norway,... Not to mention Petter use to play the rallycross part with his son Oliver in the DiRT 3 game,... in other words Petter is fan of the Codemasters games! :O

    Would make sence specially because Petter Solberg = Rally, rallycross and Hillclimb,.... = DiRT Rally game....
    #DiRTyGossip! Gets me excited!!!

  4. Azoresst said:
    The only thing that I liked from WRC franchise (Milestone) was the carrer mode from 3/4. Starting in the Junior championship and getting contracts from WRC 3 then 2 then top teams was really god. If CM do something like the idea from @ThierryNeuville I would be really pleased!

    You mean this Idea?


  5. KickUp said:
    Cool, not going to promise anything but its good to know what you are wanting.

    Back to the Gossip: I also had some hopes that the team would show some Rallycross gameplay at Lydden Hill this weekend, but perhaps it's just not ready yet.

    Are any of the team members going to do any sound recordings or telemetry on the cars? @KickUp 
    Here's a question for you then and it's part of the problem that we face internally.

    If you could have a camera mode thing like a few of suggested or say a rally school are that we could use for lots of things which one would you want?  

    @justbiglee Rallyschool for sure!

  6. My vision is to give every DiRTy gamer a rallyteam as character for there careermode ( and perhaps online)

    For example lets start with the Ford Fiesta R2 ( sinds its a basic beginners car)

    You start your career with an Clean Ford Fiesta R2 , no upgrades, just 1 Mechanic and not that much credits left at your bank account.

    So you drive the first championship like atm in the career, after finishing at the top 3 u get many credits and go to an higher championship, instead of buying a new "car" ( what is an option)
    You should get your money invest in:

    - The unlocked upgrades at your rally car the Ford Fiesta R2 for example buy better brakes.
    - Buy replacement parts for things that wear, new tires, etc etc
    - Buy gearbox revision.
    - Buy an Gravel kit, or Tarmac kit
    - Buy a new Ford Fiesta R2
    - Hire more and better mechanics/

    In that case you can create 2 rallyweapons ( one for the tarmac events, one for the gravel)
    Now the focus is more on your car to create the best "Character rallycar" to attack maximum the rally stages.
    Everybody is free to chose what car he wants to dedicate, but this will give you and your career the best way to create an perfect rallymonster to attach the rallystages at its best.

    This will make the career mode more about the cars, instead of just driving.

    What do you guys think?

  7. Hmmm gossip material,... ( to get the topic back to gossips)
    Chief Game Designer Paul was live at the UK radio with Kris Meeke and Elfyn Evans, ( I totally missed it ,.... )would he had some chat with them about the new DiRT game? or perhaps did Meeke and Evans played the game? :O 
    Bring on the gossips!  

  8. I wish people would stop saying 'copy Richard burns rally handling' - because I personally think this has a much more accurate representation of driving on gravel, it's loose, but can be heavy and slow you down when sliding
    I agree on this, RBR is just hard, hard doesn't equal realism. To create a better game than RBR you can't just copy it, it will never be better (except for graphics etc. ofcourse)

    Well, @Rallydriven and @Turbodevin19 @Tbtstt one thing I do noticed,... there are Always people that complain about I want the RBR physics,... but what I do noticed is that there are rather more positive reactions instead of negative!
    And there are just a few reactions that want the old RBR physics,... so I think the DiRT team has to receive a great compliment for achiving something that no rallygame did before ( getting a real sim/ getting real close to RBR)! remeber this is there first real sim at rallygames by codemasters and its heading in the right direction! I am looking forward to the DiRT rally game in 2016, when buggs are gone and it almost complete is! I think we created then the best game together!

    Thats the power of the early acces,.. every one is helping now to create the best game instead of tear the new game apart!

  9. First off all, Amazing job about the stages! Its even better then I played in Southam!
    They are real rally stages.

    About the feedback,.. well i just played if for 1,5 hour, but this is my first feedback.
    What i do missed where the new R class rallycars ( R1, R2 ,R3,R5) Specially this are the new generation and the future. I think this would make the career mode nicer and better, instead of just roundom rallycars. But this is my point of view.

    Futhermore ( I couldnt chose or didnt figured out yet) Is that I am not alloud to chose the type of tires.
    I specially would love to chose, for example at Monte Carlo,.. do u want to play it on save and use the spikes tires? Or take the tarmac tires and risk the icy part.

     I will play tonight some more and come back with some more feedback this month. Althrough its gona be a busy month May, with 2 big rallies for me... Anyway i will try to play :)

  10. Nice to see all the positive reactions out here in the rally world! :D
    Good work @kickup @justbiglee and all the guys at codemasters!

    I just bought the game specially for the eary acces and created a steam account
    Feel free to add me at steam guys, my account name is: Martijn_vanHoek
    Looking forward to compete against u guys! :D

  11. gfRally said:
    Here are a couple of screenshots of what would be great to revisit that where in the old CM series (CM02 - CM-2005)

    Service area between stages, you had the choice of how long repairs where going to take within the allotted service time.   Forget which title had the animated techs in the service area, which was a nice touch too.

    I always loved this setup presentation

    Celebration cerimonies have been lacking, kind of gratifying and realistic.

    Weather Conditions, FOG and the presentation of the Rally/Next Stage
    Totally agree with you,. i would like to see this too in the new game!

  12. What do you love about rally from the mechanic part?
    Well I guess this small movie from 10 minutes will describe everything,

    I think this is from the 1984 World championship in the Safari Rally.
    They had a problem with the gearbox,. and the Rothmans rally team change the gearbox on the Streets in the 15 minute service time,... its amazing!

    The team work, everything,... that makes the sport so fantastic. 
    Enjoy! :D


  13.  I Think the R5 rally class is getting a very good potential atm !

    With officially factory brands making some R5:

    Peugeot 208 T16 (R5)

    Citroen DS3 R5

    Ford Fiesta R5

    Skoda Fabia R5

    Not (yet) factory supported R5:

    Mitsubishi Mirage R5
    Opel Corsa R5

  14. The way u build/ prepare your rally car for an event,..
    You put in all these months a lot of time and money in that rally car, u created a team all petrol minded, not just a team, u created a special bond with the group of people, together u created an amazing car that will take u through this rally adventure! But not just a car, u trust these people when u drive over the 180 km/h over the small forest roads, everything is fit correctly together to get the best out of that (lion) car where u drive in!

    But even more special is the bond inside the car, the close relation with your co-driver,..
    Your team ( and perhaps yourself) created an amazing monster, that went through the safety scrutineering.
    While you and your co-driver where out on the rallystages to do some recce, inspect every corner at the stage, creating together with your soul-mate ( read co-driver) the pacenotes where every corner detailed will be described.
    The pacenotes are on paper, you are back at the service area, the car is ready, people are getting ready u chat with some rivals and other rallydrivers or team members about the stages, talking about tactics.., Then you go back to your team area,... talk with the lead mechanics about the tactics,.. full attack from the start? What kind of small adjustments? Tires? All tarmac or also gravel? Suddenly you hear the first engine sounds of WRC rallycar roaring to warm up the engines, you keep checking the weather forecast,... 65% change of rain,.....Your co-driver tells you to change clothes,... get your racing overall on and racing face,... 30 minutes left,... you are ready 10 minutes.... tension rises,... last moment u notice that your rival put intermediate tires at there rally car instead of slicks what they told you,.... quickly u order your team to fit the intermediates ( or perhaps full wets)

    You are in the car,... put your 6 point seat belt harness on,... your co-driver is ready,.. 
    Your mechanic slams the door,.. its closed,.. infront of you one mechanic jacks the car up,... the special rally jacks are removed,... they lower the car,.. one Mechanic guide you back from your service area, with one hand movement,they slam at the car and shout Goodluck! Remember it! Stay focused! 

    You shift to first gear,... drives to the end of the service area,.... the co-drier says,.. wait 1 more minute before we are aloud to enter the time control area,.. you noticed your rival is behind you,.. 
    Its our time, your co-driver guide you to the first controle post, u get the time card and the first time,... u follow the road book what the co-driver read,.. up over the start ramp... u hear the speakers shouting,... your team name, the co-driver and drivers name... , u do see alot of spectators, u let the engine roar! game on!
    You get your time and drive to the first Special stage,.... 3 km left before the first time controle at the Special stage 1,... u look at your codriver , and he nod,...  you steer from left to right very  overdone,.. when you are straight you pull op the engine and immediately brake very hard,... u do that a couple of times,... u noticed,... brakes are hot tires are getting grip, the car is ready to rock!

    You are at the time controle,... 3 more minutes before we have to check in, quickly u open the rear door from the car, u put your H.A.N.S system and your Helmet out of it, u and your co-driver put them on,...
    U close the car,.. strap your self in to the 6 point harness , plug in at the intercom system,.. your co-drivers tells you to check in at the time controle,... u drive slowly forwards,... 3 cars a head of you,... 3 more minutes before you release all the power...

    U put your racing gloves on ,.. 2 more cars in front of you,... your co-driver put the road book away and change them for the pacenotes,.... 1 more car infront of you,... 1 minute before the start...
    You are getting ready final final check,... the codrivers says softly the first pace notes,.. 300 m into Left 3 sec ( means dont cut),.... u hear the engine roar, smells the burning rubber from the car infront of you as they are ready to launch into the stages,....
    the Marshal waves at you,... you drive to the start line,....  60 secounds before we launch ,...
    u give a hand shake to your co-driver,.. and tell him goodluck! 45 seconds,....
    Marshal makes a hand signal,.. 30 second,... your co-driver is counting in his head,... he reset the tripmaster to 0
    15 seconds hand sginal from the marshal,.. First gear,... clutch in ,... u rev up to 6000 rpm,.. handbrake tight,..... 10 seconds count down from the hand of the marshal, your codriver starts counting 10,9,.. 8,..
    U keep the rev steady,..... 3,2.1...... u drop the clutch release the handbreak,.. 180 horsepower strong rally monster realse from the start line,,.... your codriver calling the notices  and meters from his tripmaster,... 2nd gear,... 3rd gear,.... 100m Left 3 SEC! shout the codriver  u brake hard!, release the brake, steer in the right position go on the throttle  steer into the corner and try to keep the car on the track! u noticed that the rear comes a little bit, u quickly touch the handbrake and the car correct it self, and you are with your head in to the nexst corner,... and the pace notes keep coming,... you are fighting to win every second....

    Until so far the first part of what i love about rallying.....
    Even more beautiful is when u got really bad damage and your service team and maybe your rivals help you to keep you into the rally,... i can write a book about all this stuff.....

    But i just dont have all the time,..... i will continue later perhaps ;-)


  15. But we must watch out!,.. 
    It could be the calm before the storm,
    ecause there is every sign of a dust storm brewing, made by an Audi Quattro S2 passing by at full speed over the small gravel roads!

    Although the sound of the Anti-Lag already give away some clues to us. ;-)