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  1. I'm listening to WRC5 conference at Rallye Monte Carlo launch and here's the low down:
    - to be launched in Autumn 2015
    - will have what you would expect from an official WRC game (drivers, cars, rallies)
    - some other blah blah about having more to tell later on
    - Seb Chardonnet as game tester?

    Then something more interesting: in May they will announce a multiplayer mode, never before seen in a racing game...
    Could it be some sort of an asynchronous rally mode? 
    Lee was teasing guys on reddit about something along those lines...

    What I wonder is whether, assuming Eurogamer article got the timeline right, DiRT could come out sooner than WRC5 and have a similar/better mode already implemented?

    I really do not hope that the multiplayer game in the WRC would be something like we discussed here at the forum,... for example my idea, the ultimate wrc team... >.< Some where i do noticed that balck bean or bigben took some ideas from us... =/

  2. Perhaps not a DiRTy gossip, but still a rally related gossip!

    This is the Citroend DS3 WRC rallycar for S Chardonnet for the Montecarlo WRC Rally 2015

    What I noticed is that the producer from the WRC games ( bigben) is a big sponsor of this rally car!

    As u can see on the photo's:

    Have to admit the livery is awesome! 

    But what i do wonder is if Bigben can sponsor a rallycar ( approximately 60.000 euro (46.000 British pounds) for the rent of a WRC for 1 rally ( excluding tires fuel and damaged parts)
    Would the WRC game sell that good in that case, they use this as promotion?

  3. dotmartin said:
    • Give players the chance to form teams and compete for manufacturers points
    • If possible put a service twist to the thing, damage could be carried over to the next round if the league is ran one stage per round
    I like the Manufactures points, u can do that in combination with a Co-Up mode online championship, so u can form with ur friends a team! ( Online and offline)

    And about the damage if u have more then 1 stage between the service, .. that is a must in rally.
    After all its not JUST driving flat out! , Its driving on the maximum but also try to keep your car together!

  4. Just wondering, quick question to our American/ Asian forum members.

    Would you guys mind if for example the new DiRT game rallies (and  rallycross etc etc) events are based on the European events?

    For example WRC Wales rally, WRC  Monte Carlo rally,WRC Sweden rally, or perhpas some Ypres ERC Rally?
    I mean the big hero's from the USA ( Ken Block, Foust, Crazy Leo and many more) come over sea to compete in WRC events or European rallies.

    Just curious , because I think many European rally fans do would like to see the european rallies and rallycross stages.
    I don't mind, though I did enjoy the inclusion of  X Games events for Rally Cross in previous games. Can you spill a little information about gameplay. What are the rally stages like? My biggest complaint about DiRT 3 was that the stages were mostly wide and often too short.
    They signed a non disclosure agreement so they are not allowed to talk about what they saw.

    Thats true, so sorry @BenjaminJohnson i cant and wont spill any beans,
    but I can tell its in a save hands from an amazing developers team right now! ;-)

  5. Just wondering, quick question to our American/ Asian forum members.

    Would you guys mind if for example the new DiRT game rallies (and  rallycross etc etc) events are based on the European events?

    For example WRC Wales rally, WRC  Monte Carlo rally,WRC Sweden rally, or perhpas some Ypres ERC Rally?
    I mean the big hero's from the USA ( Ken Block, Foust, Crazy Leo and many more) come over sea to compete in WRC events or European rallies.

    Just curious , because I think many European rally fans do would like to see the european rallies and rallycross stages.

  6. So here are my Ideas of adding proper full on league support

    But before can start my ideas we have to think a little bit out of the box about a league /Online Multiplayer mode, this way I think we can create a very successful online game mode and a very active and fun game league!

    So first of,… Not just the same Multiplayer as before where u can start a lobby, chose a rally, chose a rally car and go.
    No my idea is a whole different.

    My  idea about the “league” / online multiplayer mode idea is based on my idea about the WRC Ultimate team  (

    U can compare it to an online MMO (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

    U start your career / league multiplayer in your workshop/ team place, In this area u can put your online settings, chose your rally or rallycross car where u want to drive in online, u can see the active online rallies for this week and all different championships.

    In this start “menu” u directly separate something very important! U separate the hardcore prof’s from the beginners (rookies), I hear u thinking how?

    Well, when u first start the “league”/ Online Multiplayer everyone is equal, u can start your beginning car from a few R2 rally cars for example Fiesta R2 , Opel (Vauxhall in the UK) Adam R2, Peugeot 208 R2 etc etc
    by choosing that car u automatically starts in the R2 league, where u can compete against other gamers driving almost the same car ( only the settings are different).

    If u are successful u win a lot, means u get more “virtual cash”  
    u can buy upgrades, but at a moment if u have enough virtual cash u can rent, or perhaps later buy a WRC car, and earn more money to for fill your online career as Rally Champion! That also opens new leagues for example R5 or the WRC class.

    Well lets go back to the League, because that was the real question, when u got your gamers/ players divided into classes ( R2 “beginners”/ WRC prof’s”) u can put all the players together in one rally,

    For example Codemasters organised 1 big rally every month from 18 stages, we take for example Rally Monte Carlo at the end of January, Everybody can enter this event ( from Monday until Sunday), in his or her car career car, u will notice that u got for example and entry of 100 cars/gamers, consists of 40 R2 cars , 30 R3 cars, 20 R5 cars and 10 WRC cars.

    That means that u have 4 leagues ( R2,R3,R5,WRC) with everyone competing with almost the same car specs! = fair!
    Depending what your finish is in your class (for example R2) u get points for your (R2) league / championship, for example if u finish 1st in your R2 class in the rally u get 25 points 2nd  18 points 3rd
    15 points etc etc.

    But the other bonus award, for example if u finish with your R2 rally car 20th
    overall in the big Monte Carlo Rally ( outstanding job!) u get a lot of money, to develop your R2 car or perhaps rent a WRC car in your next event?

    U can put the championship results at the website or in the service area/ lobby
    This answers this part of your question Lee:

    We have at our disposal the game and the website and I want to know how would you would want league support to work? How do you want to manage your league?

    Well that was the explanation of the game mode well lets take it back to the Leauge / the big Rally made by Codemasters 1x a month.

    You start the rally in the Lobby. The lobby is not just a lobby, but it is the service area, because every rally starts at the service area, and end at the service area/ podium)

    Areyouben said:

    A lot of gamers asked for a proper service area menu/mode where you can repair and tune a car before and during a rally a few years back and I remember Paul saying on twitter that he would love to go back to something like we had in CMR2. One thing that would be really cool is having a lobby where you can select and tune your car before the stages start. So while other drivers are joining you can already start working on it.

    So for me the most important thing is to have control and choices as a host so you can create what you want for a rally. Can't think of anything else right now but when I do i'll share. :)

    As I said before and @Areyouben mention for the lobby I also would like to see a Service Area, where u can adjust your rally car for the upcoming 2 or 3 rally stages

    What kind of things do you want control over? What kind of info do you want displayed in game?

    In the Service area u can adjust for example repair the damage, get your set-up ready, check the weather case, the stage information and adjust your settings for it, for example tires, or gravel setup etc etc

    I think that are the most important things, specially if a dynamic weather system will be added.

    Ofcourse you can also join other own created rallies, but i think u need to keep one main Championship to bind every one together so the online mode will not fall apart ( like it now did with the other Codemasters games).

    What do you guys think of the idea? Have to say we all need to work it out to give it more shape, but this is a rough sketch.

  7. Exciting DiRTy Gossip news :D

    Hyundai Motorsport:
    "Exciting times! We’re also delighted to welcome rising star Kevin Abbring in the team as test driver for 2015. Kevin will take part in the official tests for the development of the New Generation i20 ‪#‎WRC‬ & will compete in selected WRC rounds with the team alongside co-driver Seb Marshall - Co-Driver. A warm welcome into the team to Kevin and Seb "

    :D Dutch driving skills combine with UK Pacenote skills :D Golden duo!

  8. When DiRT 4 is finished and the EAx label is removed, I would love to have some sort of DLC model like Overkill does with Payday 2. 
    They have been expanding the game with heists (tracks) and weapons (cars) for 1½ year now, and promised to keep doing so until at least 2016.

    Instead of focusing on DiRT 5 right away it's possible to keep making some (easy) money on expanding DiRT 4 while development on DiRT 5 would be in the first stages. But I think I'm getting ahead of myself now so I'll get back to the DLC.

    Yhea I agree whit that, thats also kind of idea what I mention before, 
    I hope that they build a game , and use it as foundation for a good game for a several years,
    instead of realease, few updates, and on to the next game,..

  9. I dont know about the early acces , Dont know if it should be that useful,..

    But if it is for the cash flow to create the rally game,
    then of course I would buy it and support Codemasters.

    Because I stand behind Codemasters because they make awesome rallygames and keep the rallysport a live by many people who are not familiar or supporting or not known the rallysport,
    and that keeps my sport, my passion ( the rallysport) also a live!

    I do have faith in Codies at Southam that they create something amazing,.. and I believe in their quality games. so for bugs and etc, i think its nonsense to do an early access.

    But as i mention, if it's to get the money to complete that amazing rally game, then u got my investment in it!

  10. I do not believe that because of the rumours / gossip about the many layoffs will influence a release of a new DiRT game.

    Atleast the basic hard kern of the DiRT development team will stay together for sure. ( what I can conclude about the news) What will not influence the quality of the game.

    I think its a good thing that there is no release date or anything known yet.

    The DiRT team has to do a few steps back, and slow the progress of the new game a little bit,
    but as I said before I believe and think that it wont hurt a quality game.
    And i think thats the most important thing, a good quality game, instead of a rushed half complete game, what only cause more irritations, by the fans and customers.

    We just have to be a little bit more patient guys ;-)

  11. I hope @justbiglee‌'s role is safe, it seems quiet in the forums today  :s
    Lets hope the DiRT team got a trip to the Autosport International Show 2015 (in Birmingham) to sign Petter Solberg as game character / racing game star ( after Colin McRae and Ken Block ) That would be an awesome Gossip!

    Atleast Birmingham is close to Southam , and many M-Sport rally cars ( and important rally and rallycross related people) are there, for example Petter Solberg, Malcolm Wilson, ( D-Mack thropy winner, rally tallent and Dutch friend Mats van den Brand) and many more!

    Lets hope at this positive news ;-) :D 

  12. It mentioned an Early Access release of the game, which I *think* was only ever suggested in these forums... we're being watched!!! B)

    That said, we know people have been let go, or have left Codemasters, from the various discussions in the forums. That does include Steve Hood of the F1 team, so I'm not sure Eurogamer's article is that accurate.

    Interesting that someone suggests the car licensing hasn't been done yet; why else would they model "that car" (which we don't know what it is!) without a license?  :p

    Time for Lee to pop over to Eurogamer and straighten the situation perhaps?

    Haha with 43,9 k views we can't think that we are not being spied, specially every hungry game website or magazine

  13. Benniz said:
    In other news: I gave up waiting for news regarding the new game, decided to make my debut as a rally driver.  My first event will be Rally Hadeland 31st of January :D

    Awesome! :D If u need any tips or information feel free to PM or contact me!
    What kinda of rally car do u have? And Norway got awesome rallies! :D
    Beside that 31 of January is an awesome date ;-) a ( legend in progress) was born at that date o:)

  14. Personal. I think early access can be very good for testing the game by a lot of people,..
    But to be honest,.. Did a DiRT game ( yes i am talking about a DiRT game not a GAS game) ever had that many buggs that it wasnt playable? Not that I know,.. I think Codemasters deliver quality good products qua rally games.

    So back to early access, or Demo , I do not think this is necessary for a good game.
    I do think that u let many people down if u just do it for PC and not for the other consols.

    Beside that, I think we should get rid of just "a new" game each 1 or 2 years
    ( for example every year a F1 game)

    I think the games now a days and the future are based on 1 basic game and that gets updated.
    For example look at all the MMO games? u download or buy one content and that got extend.
    That will make a game more diverse and long to live! ( U do can work on a better version behind the screens and release it after 4  years or so)

    Lets take it back to F1 for example.
    Wouldnt it be great if u could buy just 1x a game with the basic for example 2015 season/ circuits and teams? And if its 2016 that u can buy/download the new teams and circuit changes?

    Back to DiRT 3, when Monte Carlo update came out, it extented the game live, and i do think u can add by an update this to a season or so and also with an update u can take out the small buggs
    ( only thing is i dont know how to fit this in the online multiplayer, perhaps by forcing to update?)

    I think u can in that case create a topic or wish list what rally the gamers would love to see,.. so Codemasters can create that rally.

    Anyway what do you guys think about this?

  15. gfRally said:
    Dude you always crack he up!  But a whole month??
    I'm known for being a big fan of juicy meats so a month of veggies only would be a severe punishment! :)

    Please Codies don't make suffer and release the next game in 2015! :D The sooner the better of course...

    Hmm to be honest,... I rather see that codemasters takes a little bit more time, and release it in 2016
    Then a hurried completion!

    After all @gentlenamemvb we all want a good proper rally game instead of a rushed half racing game...
    And we are already waiting for 4 years,... so 1 year extra doesnt hurt that much ;-)

  16. gfRally said:


    It's hard to disagree...

    If next DiRT game is not released in 2015 I'll go vegetarian for a full month! ;]
    Dude you always crack he up!  But a whole month??
    @gfrally , @gentlenamemvb didnt told you he is already a vegetarian for 4 years ;-) 

    i just realisted that its 4 years ago that DiRT 3 came out ( 24 of may 2011)
    i think its a clue, rally is mostly with cars = 4 wheels , and now its for years,.... Could this be the year we are waiting for?

    The first CMR game got realeased in 1998, that means codies are now 17 years into rally games... 
    Soo 17-4-2015 day of annoucement?
    i do saw what they are brewing in Southam, and i can tell..... I cant wait... XD