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  1. Damage First of all, how cheap do you need to be to avoid animating the broken car removal. At least use the pit crew quali animation, when they push the car away. Also, let they debris stay for some time, make drivers work their way around, giving them a chance to have a puncture. Send the SC out and when no one is around, remove the debris. Add technical failures, which will force the car to retire if damaged (drivetrain, engine, etc.), introduce random failures (not just KERS/DRS failures) based on teams IRL performance. IF players do not want to randomly retire, they ca
  2. The gameplay: Practice Re-introduce FP1-2, if players need it, use the toggle. Mid-season testing with objectives give career mode even more stuff to play with. Give players the chance to drive without competitive racing for once, it can be interesting too! AI New AI. For sure. Return lap blocking in quali, cowards in races, no-collision races... This makes the racing boring - AI being either stupid or predictable. You can always defend by late-braking, AI will always stay behind, being afraid to risk and attack. Pit-stop will take ages, if a few cars will enter pit-lane
  3. Unique game modes F1 is more than just drivers. Introduce more game modes, like the Steward mode, where YOU are making the decisions about penalties and SC instead of messy AI. Of course it can be exploited, but you can add ranks for stewards. If they drop beyond certain point, they can't be stewards for some time. Spectator Mode from the very beginning will give the power to Online Leagues. Commentators will be free to choose who to follow or just have random/not so random footage to work with. Sticking to 1 car is not the best idea for them. Team Manager/Engineer mode gi
  4. Let's start the long list: The paddock: Reworking career mode Career mode is just plain race after race after race. To make it unique you need to introduce off-track things, such as interviews, teammate battles, etc. After race cutscenes need to vary, rather than being 10 sec sadface for P4-22 and 10 second  happiness for P1-3. Multiplayer career Not just a co-op career. Let more than 2 people fight for the entire season! Editors It doesn't take a lot to give us helmet/car/even database editor, if you release a game so close to the season end. Let people make some work
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