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  1. That is a weird one. As i'm not a PC player i won't be much help but are you connecting them to the same USB port? If so, maybe try clearing the port it could be interfering with connection.
  2. Thanks man. I actually don't know what possessed me to try and sign in again. I was looking for 2021 setup tips and one of the links was here. I was like... I know that place. Honestly surprised I'm not banned still. Just looking at my stats, my last post was October 2016.. sheesh. I still speak to a lot of the guys from here off-site.
  3. Corr. Nice to see the Stuff Thread still operating even after all these years.
  4. I assume they didn't find anything? :P
  5. I know it's unlike me. But I'm really impressed with that Lozzy who works for codies and is forever responding to queries on here.
  6. Saints' path to the Europa League final has begun in style :smiley:
  7. It is on Ps4 yeah. The format they seem to have the most issue with.  It was more annoying than anything because quali worked so well and set it up really nicely. Seems to work okay with a few people. I don't know if its a case of their servers cant cope with more people but whatever it is its so frustrating.
  8. Thought I'd come back to put another rage thread in the technical forum. Seriously, why can't they just make a game properly?
  9. As a Southampton Fan. Paddy Power gets me through many many things, especially a transfer window..
  10. A poor mans No Mans Sky not to me it's not it's far better than no man's sky I was kidding :P. I've never played No Man's Sky, however I do like the look of it. I can't justify buying it though with the lack of free time I currently have. I do like claiming it's the game of the year though, because sometimes people actually implode.
  11. He's too busy in the bath. He won't have his phone for fear of electricution
  12. Probably lol, I did spend an awful long time in the Helios doghouse
  13. Someone had to keep you in check...
  14. Ah, the thread that started my downfall.
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