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  1. I agree that the issues drained resources, but that doesnt mean " I know we promised to fix these issues but have had others come up so screw it, no more resources are gonna be used to fix the issues we said would be fixed". If you ask me that is exactly why they are having the issues they are, I know between the last two grid games, I am not going to pre order another CM product ever. And may never purchase another.own every dirt-colin mccrae- toca- race driver game ever put out. Purchased every DLC except for drag racing and feel like my loyality to this company was in vain.
  2. What happened to "themed" racenet challenges? And what happened to fixing the 12 cars on the DLC we payed $13 for? No wonder they are laying people off. Gonna go out of business if they keep up on the empty promises. Never fixed the upgrades either.  Hope it dont happen because they really were the best at the mixture of sim and arcade, but they sure have dropped the ball the last two Grid games.
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