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  1. So I discovered some interesting references to a 'Rally School' in DiRT Rally. Maybe we will get a rally school with 1.0?
  2. I would be more than happy to pay another $60 to do early access all over again, maybe season pass? The monthly release of new content was excellent, it kept the game fresh and the community active. 
  3. That's why I prefer livery editors to licensed content. We can make anything we want for free, under fair use laws, where the developers have to pay for it. It just doesn't make sense to me for the devs to pay anyone and everyone for what could be freely distributed after launch. While I see your point. You can't just exclude iconic liveries especially from a rally game and expect users to seek out content that should of been included. I'm not sure what platform your on, but on PC you have access to hundreds of liveries for the DiRT Games including the 555 livery. Creating a user friendly
  4. I would love to come but being in Australia, it might be a bit hard to make it  ;). Any chance of a live feed for some lucky international DiRT fans that would like to see what your cooking but can't possibly make it?
  5. I am hoping there will be some sort of announcement today. It wouldn't be the release date (12th of August) as they would announce the game well before they would even know a release date.  Lee has been quite for a couple of days so fingers crossed.
  6. This looks awesome. Great production as well. Good luck!
  7. I don't mind, though I did enjoy the inclusion of  X Games events for Rally Cross in previous games. Can you spill a little information about gameplay. What are the rally stages like? My biggest complaint about DiRT 3 was that the stages were mostly wide and often too short.
  8. If no one has released such a tool. I am happy to work on something. Though might be a week or two. Maybe some sort of simple script that will automatically copy files, add entry to database and the language file as well. I've been recently working on a more complete tool for modding Ego games. Here's a little preview.
  9. I'm for EA, as I believe it is the best way to communicate with fans.  It would allow you to gauge the community suggestions on what is good and what needs work, also would it be a good way to discover bugs and issues. I and I'm sure many others would be happy to pay $$$ for early access.
  10. I know people have heaps of requests. I'll add my 2 cents. Next Gen Graphics Graphics were above par for last generation on Codemasters games. But since the release of the new consoles they have fallen a bit. Take a look at new racing games like Project Cars or Forza 5. I'm hoping Codemasters will step it up a notch and create something amazing for consoles and PC users alike. I am confident that Codemasters will deliver next-gen, they would be really stupid not too.  A way to get realistic physics I understand that  realistic physics which RBR is so famous for wouldn't cater for a
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