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  1. It is an all different kind of series and therefore license. Plus it has already been added to Forza Motorsport 5 for this year... The fact you, just like me, like FE just means it would be nice to have an FE game, I agree, still simply it has nothing to do with an F1 game unfortunately :(
  2. Now I would like to share something with you.. In the last couple of months I have been doing a thing I have been dreaming of for years. And this is what it is. Running a race or two every day, I started a season on Formula One Championship Edition, began with Toro Rosso then stepped up to RedBull mid season. Having not been playing it for a long while, I found immediately pleasing to be racing those shiny colorful beautiful cars of 2006. Although the handling was probably not the most realistic on earth (felt the car understeers a bit too much) I got fully caught in the racing atmosphere by g
  3. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/66773/#Comment_66773
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