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  1. Name: steve-b-2k7 Team : PinItToWinIt Stage 1: 2:38:476 Check out @StevenDH08's Tweet: https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/466346929128243201 Stage 2: 2:21:562 Check out @StevenDH08's Tweet: https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/466347026691948544 Stage 3: 3:05:382 Check out @StevenDH08's Tweet: https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/466347100520079362 Those f'ing cattle grids on the trailblazer!
  2. Name: steve-b-2k7 Team: pin it to win it Stage 1: 2:29:006 Stage 2: 2:33:386 Stage 3: 2:43:502 https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/463799319032631296 https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/463799408153202688 https://twitter.com/StevenDH08/status/463799490520956928
  3. Team: Pin It To Win It...... Name: steve-b-2k7...... Platform: ps3...... As for the Wednesdays my internet is so slow so I'll give them a miss...... Cheers :) can't wait!
  4. Race against real rally drivers, count me in! I have DiRT, DiRT 2 and DiRT3. And DRC sounds fine
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