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  1. when for example rosberg is behind us we see hamiltons number in his car IN THE MIRROR  but when he passes us we see his one and thats with all cars . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxOICTdqWiU GO TO 4:14 AND LOOK at the right mirror
  2. ??????????????????wt hell?
  3. sjsharp2010    said: let's no t forget they're working on F1 2015 too blablabla stupidness biggest stupidness why they would work on 15 when 14 isnt out yet its a bullshit. and 15 will be same as 2013!!!!! even
  4. no It didnt have demo only 2012 no more
  5. IcelandTBR Member New Car Smell 7:17PM Hatta said they didn't know about the changes made to the Monza circuit until it was too late. CM already had the game pretty much finished and then they found out about the change and it was too late to go back and implement the change into the game. Can't blame CM for that. :(((((((((((((((((((
  6. Restricted you are idiot why you cant accept this game is not good at all and I have to buy it to play with others its not idiotic behaviour.
  7. And Codemasters didnt manage to do any sterring wheels correctly lazy gayyyyyyyyyys
  8. yes and even engine sounds are not correct so there is nothing correct the cars not correct especially williams + engine sound of ferrari engine cars also not correct.
  9. AFTER a video I realized that there is still the gravel trap in monza and I hate it and why codemasters cant remove the gravel trap I waited for the new game to see no gravel trap but no its still there I am so angry now literally this game only has new hud audio and new cars (also not perfectly not correct steering wheel etc.) but this made me so angry. Codemasters why you give us such a shit game at least do something well!!!!!!
  10. why no demo in f12014 like in 2012 it would be amazing
  11. I would not be to bothered if I was you its 2013 with a lick of paint  and a new sound file ... C M  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE ... It isn’t the customer’s job to run quality control at  all — that’s the job of the actual quality control departments at the companies themself ...   ????? what you mean
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