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  1. Throw in some basic helmets for each team that contain team branding and sponsors (non customisable) Give us a base helmets with team branding that we can customise. Choose a parc ferme celebration for my driver, I want to see me run to my team and hug them! Stop showing a random driver getting out of their car at the end of the race (Why does this still happen?)
  2. 1. Oh really?? Thanks for pointing that out, so if I was to drive a Lotus the model would not be the driver I replace? It is still the same as previous years? 2. I understand but during the f1 season (real season) and all previous games you could see the helmet on all car onboards. There is no reason why the cars should differ on this aspect, especially when this not a feature that represents reality.  3. Thanks for explaining the steering wheel stuff. The lack of consistency is bad, they should briefly explain why this is the case. I know its small but the fine details do eventually ad
  3. Some basic suggestions for 2015 Career mode: - Allow the user to choose the teammate that they will replace - I want to see my helmet when using the 'TV Pod' view. This is killing me right now, why is it so far forward - Give the user an option of driver faces. I would like to use a black face. Why would I want Bottas' face if I am replacing him?  - Give the user options for parc ferme celebrations, and over the line celebrations when finishing on the podium. - Add a podium - Add some sort of helmet customization
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