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  1. i own the game as well but want to add the extra content. i have the skid row download. how do i add the cars/tracks/etc
  2. Lets compile some settings! Game: Dirt 3 Wheel setup: Fanatec csw v2, clubsport v2 pedals Ingame settings: Steering deadzone 0%, steering saturation 100%, steering linearity 4, throttle deadzone 0%, throttle saturation 100%, brake deadzone 0%, brake saturation 100% vibration strength 20% wheel strength 70% wheel weight 100% Wheel settings:SEN OFF, FF 100, SHO 100, ABS OFF, LIN OFF, DEA OFF, DRI 003, FOR 120, SPR OFF, DPR 020 This is me messing with it for a little while.
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