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  1. Hi, many thanks for the response. I tried it again but it does not seem to work. Its like F1 cannot see the wheel even though windows can. As I wrote all is fine in joy.cpl windows displays wheel turn, pedals move etc. I cannot set control config to "joypad" - only to "custom". When you have a wheel in what does the "control config" say? I can set the Override Device Input Type between wheel and pad when its custom, but no help. Is there no advanced setting, no setup program / file in F1 I can try. 
  2. Hi, I have F1 2014, PC on Windows 7. I have an older steering wheel, but it works well. When I try it with e.g joy.cpl its fine. Windows know its and it works. Its logitech formula vibration. I can't get F1 2014 to accept it? I can't find in F1 2014 where i can see what input works. When its in my PC 2014 still only accept keyboard. How can I get F1 2014 to accept a "native" steering wheel ( I know its older ). I see the supported list, but there must be a "compatible" as well. Where can I setup this input? BR Lars
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