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  1. Don't know if I choosed thread correctly, cause you guys discuss and share here mostly liveries only, but.. Just worked on 'drift tuned NISSAN 370Z' to 'BMW E30' handling swap. Replaced these files: e30.ctf and e30.nd2 and now E30 goes sideways pretty nice. In single game everything works perfectly without any problems, but when me and my friend tried to practice online, we recieved a message that connection was lost.  My question is: is there any way to play online with other people who have the same replaced files as me?  Hope there is, because it's a bunch of new expirience and almost a whole new game.  Saying about drift, going sideways on tracks like california big sur or route d'azure is just awesome and in online it will be even more enjoyable. Hope to hear an answer from you guys soon =) Happy New Year by the way!