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  1. Btw does anyone have any similar problems?
  2. I bought a brand new CD of F1 2014 two days ago and during the race my screen goes black for a couple of seconds and then it brings me to my desktop and there is little window (I recognize it's steam) that says preparing to launch F1 2014 and it brings me to main page and I have to do everything again. What can I do? Thanks 
  3. If you are on Win7 than follow these steps:1) Start menu 2) Click "Documents" on right hand side 3) My Games 4) Than open a folder that says something like F1 20145) Right click on one of the two files that say configuration on the end 6) Open it with Notepad7) Scroll to the right until you find where it says full screen (tip: if will be in the first row)8) Change where it says false to true 9) Exit and save10) Enter the game and it should be in full screen and you will probably need to change resolution in settings 
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