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  1. It might have been me as my phone reception at work is useless and I keep getting kicked off. 
  2. I probably won't get one, there's other things I want more first, such as a new road car and another year at uni, but I'd buy one as I have 0 knowledge of PC's and electronics!   That's fair enough. If you do ever get round to it tho. I can thoroughly recommend giving a self build a good look at. You can save a massive amount & quite honestly if I can do it a hamster with narcolepsy can do it.  As for road deformation, This would  certainly put Dirt Rally well ahead of the competition. If it can implemented well and not hurt  fps to hard it would be simply magnificen
  3. RallyDriven said: I probably won't be playing dirt until late September time now due to my current work situation. Almost tempted to get a goodish PC as a reward! Would you build it your self or buy over priced off the shelf? Just out of interest.
  4. That concept sketch is truly awful, someone at the FIA needs a slap for that! The idea of more power and a wider track for the cars sounds brilliant to me, then they represent it with that awful drawing! I have seen a concept on Facebook of the current cars with the new rules applied and they are pretty encouraging: The only thing I'm not so sure about is the return of electronic diffs, the current generation of cars look far more skittish than the last of the 2.0L cars and I'm afraid electronic diffs will remove that. At first I thought it looked ok on my phone. Then I looked closer and
  5. A new Dirt or Rally game / sim would be great :) As there is nothing that has come close to a good rally in years. except CM Mcrae  rally, Dirt, but I think it needs a re-think. 
  6. Well this could be interesting.. It looks a bit different around here. I like it.  A lot good and solid ideas here too. some not so good but I just hope Codies  makes the right decisions on this at the end of the day. CM Mcrae rally was great in its day and even Dirt, the first one was pretty cool. Ive played them all up-to Dirt3. and although graphically there has been advances the games have slowly started to lacked that original flair across the titles. Hopefully with the new PS4 / Xbox one consoles bringing everything much closer to PC specks & architecture we could see some
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