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  1. I was expecting to be able to change the colours of the wings, halo, barge boards etc, but disappointed when I saw some videos!
  2. Thanks. How many coins do you get on average for each career race weekend and quick race? How long does it take to get enough coins to purchase items?
  3. I haven't got the game yet, but I'd like to get an idea of what My Team is like before I play it. I didn't have F1 2020 so the game mode is new to me, aside from watching a few videos. I've got a few questions and I'd really appreciate your advice. What are the pros and cons of each engine? Is there one that stands out as the best to start with? What's the best sponsor to start with? Is there one that has a combination of easy objectives and good payouts? Who are the best F2 drivers to start with? I know the selection isn't the same for everyone, but who are the best ones with a
  4. Is the Podium Pass something everyone can just complete as they play the game and does it require payment?
  5. I haven't got the game yet, but I've watched a few My Team and car customisation videos to get an idea of what livery options are available. There seems to be a limited selection... I assume the three tiles on the bottom right of the screenshot are available on the standard edition and the one with the blue background is only on the deluxe edition. What about the tiles with orange backgrounds? How can more liveries be unlocked?
  6. With the ability to create a custom calendar in career mode, is it possible to change it every season? I'm fine with being able to play the calendar as it is now, but once Imola, Portimao and Jeddah are added, I'd like to be able to play those and omit others.
  7. Apologies if this question has been answered on here before, but does anyone know how long it takes for tracks to be created for racing games? Maybe someone with development experience can shed some light?
  8. They'll also put out videos when Imola, Portimao and Jeddah are added. It's as if they've got some sort of agreement with Codemasters and EA...
  9. Didn't Lee Mather say that it takes a year of manpower for one person to put a new track into the game?
  10. The game is of the season that would have been, not the season as it will be. In the F1 2020 game world, those tracks aren't on the calendar.
  11. Four categories is not enough. They should have a ratings system like on the Fifa games, where there are several categories and then sub-categories within them. Hopefully it will be better for next year's game.
  12. Could Dirt Rally 3.0 be the last of the Dirt Rally series before the start of the WRC deal? I can't imagine the FIA would want another rally game made by Codemasters out at the same time as the official one. As we've seen with the F1 games, the owners of the product have tight control over it and I'd expect it to be no different with the WRC games.
  13. This is probably one of the most important parts of the game mode and I hope they don't have the generic liveries like on F1 2019. Livery design and sponsors were good on Race Driver: Grid. For anyone that didn't play it or can't remember it, you could pick the colours pattern you wanted on the car and there were plenty to choose from. With the sponsors, you had a 'major' sponsor and several 'minor' sponsors. You could change their positions and although these were preset slots, there were several available so you could experiment with where you wanted each one. I'd like to be able to place th
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