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  1. WestHam66

    Car is nervous in Spain

    How can I avoid my car being skittish on the Spanish tarmac? I'm in career, driving the Fiat 131. I'm slowly getting used to the handling on gravel, but tarmac is infuriating me. I can't brake particularly hard without the car spinning or feeling nervous, I can't steer quickly without it feeling like it's about to break traction and if I go slowly I'm in the bottom part of the leaderboard. I've lowered the ride heights, which helps a bit, but I can't push the car at all. I really enjoyed the Germany stages on DR, but Spain seems so difficult. Thanks.
  2. I've finished my first career championship and came 14th. I need more practice and to make fewer mistakes! My worry is that I'll struggle to get beyond Open, as I'm sure I read that you need to be in the top three to get promoted to the next level. Is this true? It seems rather difficult to come third in a 30 driver field. On Dirt Rally, I would just about make it to the top three, but that was in a 16 driver field!
  3. WestHam66

    How do I get faster?

    There is only saturation and deadzone settings for throttle
  4. WestHam66

    How do I get faster?

    By 'impulses' I assume you mean pressing the triggers, then releasing, then pressing? I've started doing that and I'm seeing the benefits, but DR2 seems to require less pressure than DR, which is something i'll just have to get used to. If only the game had a throttle sensitivity setting, or the triggers were harder to press to get to 100%
  5. WestHam66

    How do I get faster?

    Okay, thanks. I was so used to not having to do that too much in DR that I'm struggling to get out of that habit. I did a two stage custom championship in Argentina on Very Easy and won. I went slow and didn't make a mistake. I then did two stages in Poland, going slow and not making mistakes, but I was 17th of 20!
  6. WestHam66

    How do I get faster?

    How do I shift the weight effectively? I didn't have to worry too much about it in DR, so I have no idea how to actually do it! Also, what needs to be different about my braking line?
  7. WestHam66

    How do I get faster?

    Hi, I got Dirt Rally 2.0 for Christmas but I'm struggling with it. FYI - I play with a controller and will not be buying a wheel. I really enjoyed Dirt Rally and thought I was half-decent at it. I came 7th on Masters in career mode driving a Lancia Delta S4, after driving the same car on Elite and would usually come halfway in daily and weekly challenges, so I didn't think of myself as a beginner at these games. I struggled with Dirt Rally at first, but after changing the input settings, I got better and learned how to control the cars and finish stages without crashing. After playing Dirt Rally 2.0 for a little while, I was surprised to find that I'm not very good at it! I made a few adjustments to the input settings and the cars feel fine to drive, but I'm finishing between 18th and 20th on Very Easy. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, which is worrying because I don't know what to change! Could someone please help me?
  8. Hi, Apologies if this has been asked on here before, but I'm only just thinking about getting Dirt Rally 2.0. I played Dirt Rally a lot and loved it. What is better or worse on Dirt Rally 2.0 compared to Dirt Rally? Is anything different about the handling when using a controller? Is career mode better or worse and what is different? Thank you.
  9. WestHam66

    Is DLC available in career?

    I am playing on Xbox, hence why I'm using the Microsoft Store...
  10. WestHam66

    Is DLC available in career?

    Also, can the DLC cars be used in career? On the Microsoft Store it says "(car name) can be used through My Team, Custom and Time Trial" Does this mean that career is now called "My Team", or is that a different mode?
  11. WestHam66

    Is DLC available in career?

    Great, thanks. It looks like some of the DLC content is exclusive to the season packs. I can buy five of the six locations from Dirt Rally, but not Sweden and buy some of the cars in the packs, but not all of them. Am I correct in thinking that some of it is only available in the packs, or am I looking in the wrong place?
  12. Apologies if this has been asked on here before, but I'm only just thinking about getting Dirt Rally 2.0 and haven't been on the Dirt forum since last year. Are the DLC locations from Dirt Rally and cars available to use in career mode? Thanks.
  13. The last couple of career mode races have led me to think that the game is making things easy for me. I am in my second season of career mode and in my first season at Ferrari. After the Italian Grand Prix, I was leading the championship by 13 points, with teammate Leclerc in second. After two more races, my championship lead has grown to 26 points. I believe this is the result of the game being favourable to me. On the penultimate lap of the Singapore Grand Prix, I was 5th and Leclerc was 7th. He had contact with sixth placed Hamilton but there was only minor damage to his front wing. At the start of the final lap, I looked back and see that Leclerc was no longer behind Hamilton. I looked at the instant replay and saw that Leclerc pitted to change his front wing. I understand that the makes the AI pit when they have any front wing damage, but doing it on the final lap when Leclerc would have scored points seemed rather odd. I was now 23 points ahead. In the next race in Russia. I took a grid penalty for using a third MGU-K so I had a fresh one for the rest of the season. I set the fastest time in qualifying and Leclerc was second. When the grid is shown before the race, I'm actually starting in 9th thanks to five other drivers taking penalties as well. I know it's late in the season and components will have been wearing out on AI cars, but it seemed to be a bit too much of a coincidence that I had taken a penalty and then a bunch of AI drivers did the same, pushing me up two places. At the end of the first lap I'm still in 9th, but as Russia is one of my better tracks I was confident of making up places. As I cross the line, there's a yellow flag. Leclerc is out of the race with a blown engine. This seemed suspicious to me, so I restarted the race. At exactly the same time as before, Leclerc retired with a blown engine. I didn't bother restarting the race again and finished 9th. After getting the fastest lap, I gained three points on Leclerc. With him starting on pole, I thought he'd close the gap and was prepared for a really good scrap for the title. If he had won the race and I had still finished 9th, the gap would have been down to just a few points. It leaves me feeling a bit disheartened about the rest of the season and the title fight. It has made me think that if Leclerc has another bad race that it's just the game helping me out. I really hope that's not the case as I want the championship to be close.
  14. WestHam66

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    Are the AI now back to being better in the wet? I only got to do one career weekend where I didn't have to turn down the difficulty after it was patched!
  15. WestHam66

    Race footage getting copyrighted

    Are there certain Youtubers who aren't getting their videos blocked?