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  1. I feel the same way. The focus of Fifa developers has been Ultimate Team for about a decade. It would be a shame if Codemasters goes down this route, although being owned by EA they might not have much choice
  2. It's a shame how sarcasm doesn't come across very well on forums like these! My previous post on the thread should have been a clue...
  3. You mean they're not allowed to pit and change setup when it starts raining? 😂
  4. You can't change the entire setup if the race is dry after a wet qualifying. You're given the forecast at the start of the weekend so you can plan for a scenario just like that.
  5. Would be interesting to test it out and see just how much faster they get, as well as how much faster we get compared to starting times
  6. This is why I started to turn down the difficulty halfway through season 3. The AI was just too fast despite me progressing on the comparison chart at the same rate
  7. I just complete all the programmes in one session and accelerate time so the session ends, then in the workstation screen jump straight to qualifying.
  8. If there's a second installment, Jackson will go to Mercedes. The look Toto gave him at the end said it all. If Codemasters make BP2, it should have some options and different path to the story, not just a linear one.
  9. I thought Guanyu Zhou signing for Mercedes in my career mode was bad enough, but fake drivers takes the p***
  10. WestHam66

    Season Mode

    Do you get power unit and gearbox wear over a season in Grand Prix mode?
  11. Incredible how he always has these sort of finales on F1 games...just how does he do it?!
  12. David Croft's comment about Red Bull doing well to keep up with the other teams gets me every time. Have Codemasters watcheed F1 recently? Also, in season 3 of My Team they won nearly every race!
  13. In a twist to the plot, Russell finished 3rd in the next race! @ScaredDuckI started with the right difficulty, I just didn't turn it down in subsequent seasons until the fourth. I did the same as you and got cash and acclaim up so I had a good foundation.
  14. I'm halfway through my 4th season and my teammate Russell's results have dropped off. In the last five races he's finished 6th, 9th, 12th, 12th and 12th. He qualified around the same positions too. Before that, his results were 6th, 10th, 8th, 5th, 1st, 5th and 5th. He's 100 in all stats except experience, which is 87 and focus, which is 37. Any idea why he's not done as well in the last few races compared to his previous results? Anyone else's teammate done this?
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