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    Free advertising for Codemasters

    Does anyone else think that YouTubers such as Aarava, Tiametmarduk and Tom97 are being used by Codemasters as free advertising? Forgive me for being cynical, but it just seems to me that they're being allowed to broadcast footage of the game nearly a week before release so that they show off the ins and outs of My Team without Codemasters having to spend time and money doing so? I know it benefits the YouTubers to be able to show the gameplay before anyone else, but surely it benefits Codemasters far more.
  2. WestHam66

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    Absolutely! Even if it had the livery options like on Race Driver: Grid it would be much better. I can understand a new F1 team having the worst car and being limited as to what it can invest in at the start, but there shouldn't be a limit to livery creation.
  3. I'm going to be starting my next career race at Mexico in last place after using three new power unit components. It's the first time I've had to do it in this career at McLaren, as my first career was at Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, so the power unit was more reliable. I upgraded reliability early on at McLaren, but I've not managed to go the whole season without changing parts. I didn't bother with Q2, so I have free choice on tyres. Should I start on softs and pit for mediums at just over the halfway point or start on mediums, go later into the race and finish on softs? If you need an idea of my pace at Mexico, in Q1 I came 8th on 76 difficulty. I do 25% races. Thanks.
  4. WestHam66

    Career/MyTeam Calendar

    Just to confirm, if we pick 16 or 10 races, will the ones selected in the video be the races we have to do? Or can we choose them? Can we do double headers? Also, if we want to do 16 races in the first season (hopefully there are this many in real life) can we then pick 22 for season two?
  5. I set a time on Time Trial in Brazil, but even though it was five seconds off the top ranked time, the leaderboard shows me as equal first. When I set a quicker time, the orange and blank banner appears at the top of the screen to tell me that I'm top of the leaderboard. Is this an error or just the way the game works? It's annoying that without spending ages scrolling through to find the times similar to mine, I can't select a ghost a bit faster than me to try and compete against.
  6. WestHam66

    Weber and Butler

    When Weber stayed with Williams year after year I thought the game would be programmed to jump them and him up the grid so he could go up against me. I think the upgrade which reduced the number of driver moves came at the end of my first season, so he never got the chance to move around like some other players saw.
  7. WestHam66

    Weber and Butler

    I've done four seasons but neither of them have been that great. Butler started at Toro Rosso and did okay in the first season. Nothing spectacular but he was solid. He moved to McLaren at the start of season two but was pretty poor. Weber has been at Williams from the start. He did about as well as you'd expect in the first season, but got slightly better as the seasons went on. He had some decent results in the middle of season four when their car was upgraded more. They slipped down the performance ranking nearer the end of the year and his results got worse. I was pretty disappointed with how they did. I thought one of them was going to set F1 alight!
  8. WestHam66


    It could easily be argued that the biggest discrimination in F1 is class. How many working class racing drivers do you see? F1 was set up by rich people for rich people. It's never changed and probably never will. Lewis Hamilton's dad had to work multiple jobs just to get him to karting, but so many racing drivers have had it easy because of their parents money. I'm not talking about people like Stroll or Latifi, but kids with moderately well off parents who can afford every step in the junior categories. Yes, they need to be fast to get anywhere, but being given a huge leg-up really helps. Who knows, there might be someone who can't afford to go racing out there who is quicker than Hamilton?
  9. WestHam66


    The McLarens are in their original colour. Red and white might be their most iconic livery, but it was only ever for the Marlboro sponsorship.
  10. WestHam66

    Mechanical failure

    I've had exactly the same thing happen to me. I was battling with Leclerc at Ferrari - he got a couple of DNFs and it felt like I was being handed an advantage. It has to be optional though, so we can turn it off for the AI and/or ourselves.
  11. The jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro is rather large. I got promoted from Clubman after several attempts, but I can't get in the top ten on Pro. I've done three and a half rallies and I usually finish stages between 12th and 20th, with a few 10th places. So far on Pro I've finished 12th in Argentina, 13th in New Zealand and 18th in Spain, but on Clubman I came 1st, 2nd and 7th on the same locations. Dropping ten places on the same rallies seems like quite a big jump in difficulty. It's a bit disheartening to be so far down the order and it feels like I've gone as far as I can go in My Team.
  12. As AI drivers only take single power unit penalties, unlike real F1 where they might take two, three or four to get a near-fresh power unit, would it be fairer if I did the same and just took one at a time? I need a new ICE, MGU-K and Turbo Charger, but if I take the new components in the same way the AI does, I'll be near the back for three races, rather than just the one as a real driver would be. Do you take penalties in one go or individually?
  13. WestHam66

    Power unit grid penalty realism/fairness

    I know you can do that, but in terms of fairness to the game, would it be better if I did what the AI does and take them one at a time?
  14. WestHam66

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    Didn't Lee Mather say that it takes a year of manpower for one person to put a new track into the game?
  15. WestHam66

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    But I WANT them in the game...
  16. WestHam66

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    The game is of the season that would have been, not the season as it will be. In the F1 2020 game world, those tracks aren't on the calendar.
  17. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. I can relate to your struggles from other racing games. Just keep practicing and you'll get faster. You're right to brake and steer earlier. You'll be amazed at how much of an impact a good technique can have on your driving than chucking the car into corners!
  18. Four categories is not enough. They should have a ratings system like on the Fifa games, where there are several categories and then sub-categories within them. Hopefully it will be better for next year's game.
  19. I've started a McLaren career and noticed that my power unit has worn quite a lot after the first round. The ICE is at 22% and most of the other parts are at about 15%. I used standard fuel mix and low or medium ERS in all sessions except qualifying. The ERS drains too quickly as well. I started a previous career with Alfa Romeo and the wear was nowhere near as bad. I assume the Renault power unit is just a lot worse than the Ferrari one. Will upgrades fix my problems?
  20. WestHam66

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    Don't get reeled in!
  21. WestHam66

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    I started a custom championship yesterday and I'm already enjoying it more than career. I've put the difficulty at a level where it's a challenge to do well, but I'm not always in the bottom half after doing what seemed like a decent time, as was happening on Pro. I dig your "have no life" comment... 😂
  22. WestHam66

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    "Focus on getting better" doesn't help when you provide no advice on how I can get better. You might as well have just said 'git gud'
  23. WestHam66

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    I've used the same car for all my attempts at Clubman and Pro, so six championships.
  24. WestHam66

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    There's a point where it ceases to be fun if you can't improve. It's a video game after all, so it's meant to be fun. Obviously the concept if 'fun' is objective, but when it feels like I have to be perfect just to get 10th place on Pro, then it's no longer fun for me. I got to Master on Dirt Rally and came 7th on it. I only needed one attempt at each tier to get promoted, so it was probably a bit too easy. The way I drove on Dirt Rally isn't quick enough for Dirt Rally 2.0, so I've had to learn to be faster whilst maintaining control. I use a controller and it feels like the game isn't designed to be played with one, whereas Dirt Rally did. It might have been too easy, but at least I enjoyed it.