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  1. Naeemali007

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    Thanks Neomo , I have that wheel too so will try. But my apologies to Mr Greco , I see now in F1 2019 , tire temp builds up slowly and grip starts coming. .. Awesome.....
  2. F1 2019 wheel weight through corners and grip via Fanatec wheel is non-existence , can't feel any force or weight transfer like in 2018... This is going backwards in handling ,why? Also where did the bumps go, can't feel them either or road surface like in 2018 , this is not good
  3. Naeemali007

    Handling for F1 2019 - David Greco PLEASE READ

    Also I would like to see more forces coming from wheel , while gear shifts , vibration when over revving the engine, small improvements like this makes the game more real feeling.....
  4. Naeemali007

    Handling for F1 2019 - David Greco PLEASE READ

    I meant F1 2018
  5. Hello David and Codies You guys did such an amazing job regarding handling for F1 2019 (Playing on PC) ... I am hardcore as been playing Iracing , rfactor 2 , etc for many years along with all your F1 games from F1 2010... F1 2018 was just amazing regarding tires and handling ... Please just enhance the 2018 model with flat spots , more accurate tire wear , temps, lockup , etc...... Also many aspect for Force Feed back can be improve , like tracks bumps , gear shift , engine vibration, I like the most the bump in Japan after last chicane thank you for listening for faithful F1 games follower
  6. Naeemali007

    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    What I am sure of, is CM staff have Project cars running in there studio... 
  7. Naeemali007

    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    I am hoping it will be close , I love my CM F1 game
  8. Hello  I have been playing project cars on PC for almost 1 year now, the game has improved massively in all area... The AI are amazing, the physic are amazing, the visual are amazing... I also love my F1 2014 , and still play it everyday after work.. I am just hoping that F1 2015 is close to Project car level in regards to AI, force feedback , physic , in car feeling ........  Good luck CM , looking forward to F1 2015 with passion
  9. Naeemali007

    100% distance ... fuel simulation a bit unrealistic?

    CM should hire Geoff Crammond or dedicated F1 fan to do QA testing .... They have done a great job no doubt and thank you CM.. But if they call this the official F1 game , then attention to detail should be present as per all your findings above.... God know in F1 strategy is all we got.. By the way when I am travelling and can't take my PC or laptop on the road, Grand Prix 4 plays awesome on 150$ Dell Venue 8 pro... After all these years still the best AI ever made... still enjoying.... 
  10. Awesome Handling... Awesome Graphic , sound is great, AI is great... Best thing is the handling......  Great Jobs guys
  11. Naeemali007

    F1 2014 Gameplay Videos

    Hello , I want to see , how is the tire wear .. 
  12. Naeemali007

    F1 2014 Gameplay Videos

    Finally some good review.... Thanks, keep them coming.... Waiting for Oct 17 myself
  13. Naeemali007

    fed up of moaning

    I actually agree with Byrne , not the title topic "Fed up of Moaning" just I think what code master did was not bad at all... A lot of people can't afford the new Gen console... hence the idea of CM to give us F1 2014 on current platform is not bad , how much more improvement could they have squeezed out of current Xbox360 and PS3.. Atleast we are getting a new game... I am excited to see how the car handles and the new livery etc.... Plus  people who have new console new games will follow soon.......  Anyway not trying to piss off people here, just my thought.... 
  14. Naeemali007

    Good old days

    When we actually use to see Mr Hood and Jeal play and sell there games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvcPKhUpLIc