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  1. @mmpaw37 if u knew about the delay why didn't u post it on the forum?? And why would they tell u?? 
  2. I don't see why @justbiglee or @leemather don't come on and just say why there's no info. Personally would prefer to know that there's no info 
  3. If u look at the circuit map. That points to it being fake 
  4. At least we r getting manual starts 
  5. So u watch formula 1 for the formation lap??  Well, to be fair, it's the closest the cars ever come to overtaking each other in a lot of F1 races these days :open_mouth:  Oh come on, there's significantly more overtaking these days than there used to be. Formation laps are a part of F1 and should be included.  It builds the tension, warms up tyres and brakes which has a material impact on the first lap.  Project Cars has formations laps so it's not an impossible request. F1CE had formation laps 
  6. So u watch formula 1 for the formation lap?? 
  7. I don't see why people are wanting 3 practice sessions. In the old games all u  need is to find the racing line and braking points.  That's it. If the 3 sessions are useful then  yer it's good to have them. If not its pointless
  8. I don't get why people say no career mode no buy. So u would rather have another game like 2014 and have ur name in a box. It's not even on ur suit or car. Than be a real driver and have a awesome game in promode or championship mode 
  9. @justbiglee is there mid session saving
  10. Like career mode on the old games. But u can't be urself. U can have assists and everything on. 
  11. Imo I would like to get helmet designs but be able to change colour of the helmet. And then maybe special ones for Monaco and British 
  12. On game the description for pro season it said  Test urself on the games most realistic settings?? Maybe a more realistic damage and physics. And tougher ai. 
  13. We need to here from cm about the career mode. And we still know very little on pro mode. So we will have to wait and see 
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